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No more Motivational Quotes.

I could start this email by spouting a popular motivational quote, but I won’t.  I’m so over motivational quotes.  They are fleeting. Short-lived.  Has a motivational quote ever got you through the shit when you needed help?  Nope, I thought not.  It was probably your own actions and the help & support you had from others got you through troubled times.

I’m assuming most of you reading this are full to the teeth of chocolates, booze and a swollen bloated belly due to additional fat gained over Christmas.  Ready for Monday to start afresh. Full of Gusto and enthusiasm regarding the changes that tomorrow will bring.  New Year New Me and all that craic.

As with the motivational quotes, this too will probably be short-lived.  When you need that motivation most, for example in the staff room at work when colleagues are scoffing biscuits and you’re nursing your chicken salad. When you know your calories are used up but those chocolate biscuits are winking at you, inviting you to taste them.    It’s these small daily battles that tempt us, that require the internal dialogue of your motivational mantras, self-belief, follow through and determination. 

How many times can you say, No Thanks? Get used to it.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition.

It’s these daily battles that win the big war.

If weight loss is on your agenda as an area of improvement in 2020- then get real with yourself. 

Downloading the diet plan won’t help you lose weight, you have to adhere to it.

Wearing the new Fitbit you got for a present won’t do your steps for you.

ACTION IS REQUIRED. Eat fewer calories than you take in.  Participate in physical activity consistently.

If you feel you need support and guidance, someone to keep you accountable then you’re in luck.  Our downloadable online programs come with support from qualified professionals.  We tell you exactly what you need to do and support you on the journey to stop you from repeating the same mistakes.

If you are skint after Christmas,  then this really is your lucky day…. Our fat loss programs with support start at £13. Or if you need hand-holding and a more 1-1 personalised coaching service then Click here to make that start and I promise you’ll hear the truth and facts always, get results and get educated in the process,  with not one motivational quote in sight.

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