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Just one more..then I start LENT!

Do you Suffer from ‘The Last Supper Effect’?

Today is Pancake Tuesday, We are on the eve of Lent. During this time lots of us decide to conduct some degree of temperance with our diet. If your house is like our house then all the biscuits, sweets and crisps, wine and beer will be consumed in abundance in the days preceding lent just to get that last-minute sickening before we spent the next 6 weeks repenting from our pancake and sugar overindulgences.

By about Friday, you’ll be thinking to yourself, maybe I’ve been too hasty. I work hard. I deserve a wee treat. Sure it’s the weekend. I’ll break my lent tonight and start again tomorrow.

May I suggest something? What about this lent instead of absolute exclusion we adopt inclusion.

Walk more steps each day.
Add 2-3 portions fruit veg a day.
Add protein to every meal.
Switch your phone off a few hours earlier in the evening.
Drink an extra 1 litre of water per day.
Go to bed an hour earlier.
When a negative thought enters your head replace it with something you are grateful for.

Small steps
Done daily
Be Consistently Good
Not inconsistently Perfect

I don’t think God will mind if you don’t quit everything you love this lent.

If you want to make positive steps in the next 6 weeks why don’t you let me coach you online 1-1. I guarantee the chances of making progress by Easter with sustainable changes to your health are more realistic than quitting everything you love for 2 days at lent only to quit next weekend.

Positive changes, done consistently, with my support and guidance. Only £33 per week for my ‘Tailored for you’ Personalised 1-1 Coaching Service.

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