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Weight Loss Tips for Night Shift Workers

Weight Loss for Night Shift Workers

Working shifts especially nights can create havoc with our natural body rhythms and indeed our waistlines, so I’ve compiled my top weight loss tips for night shift workers.


I have so many clients who work night shift who I have helped with their diet. Ironically enough, the advice isn’t any different than normal 9-5 workers.


Here are my top tips:


  • Your day consists of 24 hours, it’s the total calories you eat in the 24 hour period that affects your weight, not what time of the day it is eaten, despite what you have been told or read.  It’s up to you how you allocate your calories according to your shift times.


  • Ensure you get enough sleep in the daytime as evidence suggests lack of sleep is directly related to a higher BMI.  Try and grab 10-20 power naps during the night if you get a chance.


  • Ensure you are well hydrated.


  • Ensure all meals contain protein, as this will keep you fuller for longer periods of time.  It will help nurses, in particular, overcome the calorie-laden temptations in the staff rooms by keeping appetite under control.


  • Eat plenty of high fibre fruits and vegetables with meals to improve gut health and bolster immune function.  Nurses, in particular, have a high sickness rate so looking after gut health is really important.


  • Supplement with Vitamin D3 to support immune function and provide those much-needed antioxidants.


  • If you aren’t eating oily fish twice a week consider supplementing with Omega 3 & 6 Fish Oils, 1000mg EPA and DHA.


  • Exercise when you can.  When you have time and energy you can ramp up your training, although cut back when working the night shift.  It’s what you do on average that counts.


  • Pre-cook or prepare meals to take into work that can be easily heated or eaten cold.  Bulk out with plenty of vegetables to add volume.


Weight Loss for Night Shift Workers


There are no hard and fast rules as to what you eat at night. Eat what you want as long as it’s in line with your health goals.  Eat it when you want . And remember that 2 slices of toast and butter at 450 calories won’t sustain you as long as a nutritious meal with the same calories.


If you struggle with planning healthy, nutritious meals that will keep you going for longer, have a look at my 10 Day Fat Loss Kickstart Program which will teach you about batch cooking – or have a look at my 5 Day Meal Plans which delivers fresh, healthy meals all calorie counted straight to your door!

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