Aug 13, 2019

As a busy working mum, clean eating and exercise weren’t on my radar!

Aug 13, 2019

As a busy working mum, clean eating and exercise weren’t on my radar!

“Football training, matches, Irish dancing and a full-time teaching job were all valid excuses to eat on the go and never make time to prepare clean healthy meals, and exercise wasn’t even a trail of thought!”

That was how my beautiful client, Ursula Daly, felt when we first met and discussed how she wanted to make real, lasting changes to her body.

As a busy mum-of-five, Ursula says she surprised even herself when she signed up to my small group training programme, but describes how “something just clicked”.

“I can’t put my finger on what motivated me, but by all accounts my family and friends thought, ‘yeah yeah’, as I had talked fit before but never actually done anything about it”, Ursula continues.

“I had never met Tara before but I had heard about her nutritional expertise and her ability to motivate the impossible. For me I was one of the impossible! I had many excuses as to why I wasn’t able to exercise and eat healthy. I am a busy mum of five and I am devoted to their jammed packed schedules! But when I met Tara that changed!”

Ursula was supported in her health and fitness journey by her husband, children and family members, something which reassured her as, like many women who finally take the step towards a better body, she had doubts about her commitment and willpower.

She says: “At my induction meeting, Tara gave me a tailored nutritional plan. She also discussed the intensity of the training which terrified me.

“The thought of going training that first night was a challenge not only physically but mentally. That soon changed, and I discovered that I was only competing with myself at training, I was only working each night to be stronger than I was the night before, no one was judging me.

“Everyone was on their own journey and that’s exactly where I was. I had moved from wanting to get to the end of the session as quick as possible to wanting to be better than I was, to wanting to be fitter than I was. That wasn’t something I done on my own, it just didn’t happen.”

Ursula adds: “Tara and Damian were motivating, they challenged me every step of the way. They made me believe that I could reach my personal target and change my lifestyle. It was all about making choices.

“During the sessions, nutrition was as important as exercise and I wasn’t committed to only 2 hours per week training, I was committed to making lifestyle changes throughout the week.”

Like so many of those who train with me, whether that be in small groups on site or through the online Six Weeks Better Bodies programme, Ursula found the other members motivated her and became a “driving force” towards her amazing success.

“Tara and Damian also encouraged me to keep going, they made the training interesting and I could sense a new direction in my life.

“I had progressed from terrified to actually feeling good enough to be there and now I am at my target, but still highly motivated to continue. For me this has not just been a four-month journey but a change in lifestyle.

“The weight loss and drop in dress size are to me fabulous gains but my change in outlook means much, much more and I am so grateful. I owe Tara and Damian so much, for me they made the impossible possible! Thank you from my heart, Ursula x”

Stories like Ursula’s are so heartening for me to hear and they really are testament to the hard work and commitment of every one of my clients.

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