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I never thought I was an emotional eater.

Womens hand reaching for a jar of biscuits and taking one out with words emotional eater on a pink background


Katie here.

You won’t know me…

But when Tara text me about writing this for her, I actually felt a bit stressed about it.

She wanted me to tell a little story about when we worked together – at the start of 2020.

And as I stood in the kitchen, iPhone in hand, thinking about what on earth I could possibly say to help you all…

I reached for the biscuit tin.

…and stopped myself.

Just in the nick of time.

I never thought of myself as an emotional eater.

When I first started working with Tara, I’d heard this phrase over and over.

But I never connected it to me.

Every time I saw it in films, it seemed like these women were always bawling their eyes out over a breakup, and turning to a tub of ice cream for comfort.

And since that wasn’t me…

I decided I wasn’t an emotional eater.

In fact, I kind of decided that emotions were super inconvenient, and I probably wouldn’t bother with them much at all… but that’s a story for another day.

And so when I stood in the kitchen, feeling that prickle of tension at my scalp at being asked to write this story…

Reaching for the biscuit tin…

I was able to smile.

That’s what Tara gave me: Awareness.

I could recognise when I was in an emotional whirlwind before it was too late.

Now, this might not be YOUR trigger…

And maybe you have outstanding awareness around your emotions already…

But for me, that was the best lesson I got from working closely with Tara.

One I still use every day.

I didn’t even know what I needed until I met her.

I just knew this was this gap between what I knew I should do… and why I wasn’t doing it…

That I just couldn’t seem to bridge without some help from Tara.

That awareness around my behaviours helped me lose 3 stone – and keep it off…

Even with a sweet tooth and a very short fuse!

If you could use a hand, she’s your woman.

Thanks for listening to my story x

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