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A Slimming World member’s worst nightmare

Women standing on scales on pink background

Uh-oh. It’s that time of the week again.

To get in the lightest set of clothes you own…

Starve yourself all day…

Then head off to your Slimming World club for your weekly weigh-in.

And even though you’ve worked hard all week…

Your heart is still pounding at the thought of seeing the same number on the scale as last week.

Or worse… to see that number go up.

👆THIS is the problem with Slimming World.

Sure, “free foods” and “syns” aren’t exactly great either…

But I hate the fact Slimming World emphasises your weight… measured at a single point in time.

And how that weight can decide whether ladies like yourself have succeeded or failed with your diet over the past 7 days.

This is wrong on so many levels.

Because not only a single weight tell you nothing about fat loss…

Your weight is NOT the only thing that measures your diet’s success.

Yes, your average weekly weight should go down over time if you want to become slimmer and healthier…

But there are hundreds of other things to consider. Such as –

  • How you look in the mirror
  • Your waist measurements
  • Turning down that slice of cake you know you didn’t really want
  • Eating the slice of cake… But not feeling a shred of guilt
  • Whether you hit the activity goals you set out for yourself
  • How comfortable you are in your own skin

…and soooooo much more.

So the next time you step on the scales…and they don’t tell you what you hoped for, ask yourself –

“Is this number a true reflection of my progress?” 

And if you’ve been putting effort into your food choices, being more active, and making healthier lifestyle choices…

Then I guarantee you’ll answer with a resounding ‘no!’

Because you’ll know as long as you stick the changes you’ve made…

Weight loss will quickly follow.

In the meantime, celebrate all the other wins that come with getting into amazing shape.

Just some food for thought.

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