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Never Overlook Simplicity

A few conversations I had earlier nagged at me, so I have to get this off my chest.

Getting in shape is really simple – but we make it complicated. No really. I say it all the time but so many woman are still getting conned. I also am not blind to the fact that it may be simple but it’s not easy!

Every day I shake my head in disbelief, it’s no wonder that women struggle with losing weight and keeping it off. There are downright lies being told to vulnerable women who are desperate to lose weight.

Today a client (her goal was fat loss) told me she was previously put on a diet by a PT that I would only put high performing, elite athletes on. Counting every gram of carbs, proteins, fat and calories that she ate every day of the week, month and year. She became obsessed. So much so, that even during pregnancy she still ate and tracked like she was hitting peak week!

Another new client, a middle aged overweight woman, previously ate and snacked approximately 13 times per day. She even ate just in case she might get hungry later, like wtf!! I asked her why she ate so often despite just finishing a meal a mere 15 minutes before eating – was she still hungry? She responded with the usual response, “I need to keep my metabolic furnace burning – otherwise I wont lose weight.” She continued, “My body will hang onto body fat if I don’t eat regularly”.  Another deep sigh from me, head in hands.

You see, here is the thing:

Client B is carrying fat because she is eating way too many calories for her 5ft 4 in sedentary body.  Her snacking alone, not including her main meals, was accounting for over 1000 calories a day which is 2lb of fat per week. (3500 calories equates to a pound of fat.)

If you are a female who wants to look lean and toned, you don’t need a complicated nutrition program.

You don’t need to obsess about macros.

Lean people don’t have genetic or metabolic advantages – they just eat less calories than us.

You don’t have to eliminate food groups – it’s unhealthy.

Cider apple vinegar and drinking lemon water wont do it either.

All you need is a KISS…

Keep to a calorie deficit. Be consistent otherwise change will not happen.

Insert adequate protein, healthy fats and fibrous foods into your diet daily.

Step count matters and lift weights regularly. Walk a minimum 10,000 steps every day of your life.)

Stop overriding your natural hunger cues. Only eat when you feel hungry and stop when full.

Now just take action. Simple. Right?

If the action part is the part you struggle with – do you need handheld with daily accountability from me to get you started? If so, then send me an email to [email protected] now and we will get you on track.

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