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Menopause Webinar: Defeat the Meno-pot

Understand every aspect of how Menopause is affecting your body and learn how to blast that meno-pot!

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Changing Women's Bodies, Changing Women's Lives

Join thousands of other females across the world and get Tara's help to transform your body.

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Real Women, Real Results

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Online Masterclass

Menopause Reset: Get your Body Back

Get access to the live training, find out what the heck is happening to our bodies as we age and how to reclaim it back!

Flexible Dieting done right

My New 6/1 Plan is here

The 6/1 Plan Ebook by Tara Grimes

Become part of a growing community

Evidence based tried and tested

A guide to success

Over 40's Lean and Strong

This is for anyone who has found it really challenging to lose weight or maintain weight as they get older.

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Why choose Tara Grimes Fitness?

Proven results and years of experience


Results Delivered

Female specific training to suit female muscle type, delivering maximum results and a more toned physique.


Client Experience

Access to me and other members giving you private support, experience and daily motivation on this program.


Easy to follow

Programs that are practical, simple and easy to follow A flexible diet plan that allows you the foods you love.


Years of experience

Female specific training program to blitz tummy fat and achieve lean muscle tone on other parts of the body.


What women need

We understand what women need Tailored calories to suit your current weight. Not a one size fits all.

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