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The 6/1 Plan is here

An easy to follow weight loss plan that guarantees you long term success.

This scientifically proven weight loss programme is for women over 40 who have wasted years searching for a diet that works for them.

The 6/1 Plan Ebook by Tara Grimes

If you are reading this, I am sure you're interested in dropping body fat.

Women over 40 are drowning in a sea of conflicting information from glossy magazines, news media, and social media sites.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the best way to drop body fat.

Unfortunately, most of these people are unqualified to give weight loss advice.

I know you have spent years dieting, and I’m sure you are reading this thinking:-

“Great, another fat loss plan that won’t work for me!”

But as a qualified nutritionist (and a woman over 40), it’s my duty to share with you the latest scientifically backed weight-loss protocols that actually work!

I can guarantee my new plan will help you drop unwanted body fat and keep it off long term…

Because that’s precisely what it has done for 100’s of my 1-1 clients.

I am delighted to bring you The 6/1 Plan, a guide to flexible fat loss!

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Why I created The 6/1 Plan

I have helped 1000’s of women drop body fat, and after listening to their diet horror stories, I noticed they all had similar diet struggles.

Maybe you can relate:-

Are you following rigid diet plans that you struggle to fit into your lifestyle?

Are you forcing yourself to stick to meal plans that only allow you to eat the company’s meals or shakes? Meaning if you want to enjoy a meal with your family or friends, you can’t!

Are you following diets that prescribe unrealistic nutrition targets, leaving you starving and struggling to stay the course?

Are you following plans that give you unrealistic training plans leaving you aching after every workout?


Hi, I'm Tara

I’m a qualified nutritionist and weight loss coach for women over 40.

As you are reading this, I am sure you would love to drop up to 7lbs this week.

I have spent the last decade helping women over 40 cut through the diet industry lies and master their relationship with food.

My number 1 priority as your coach is to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Over the last decade, I have seen 100’s of women in their 40’s struggle to control their weight.

While helping women achieve their weight loss goals, I discovered a clever way of helping them manage their nutrition to stay on track.

And so, The 6/1 Plan was born.

I noticed my 1-1 clients struggled to stick to diets long term, so I decided to add “diet breaks” in their plans.

6 days of control dieting followed by 1 day of diet-free eating.

Implementing “diet breaks” was a huge success.

Not only did my clients love having breaks each week, but their adherence levels improved. And because they looked forward to their diet breaks each week, they found it easy to stick to The 6/1 Plan long term.

In my 6/1 Plan, I tell you exactly what to eat for the first 6 days and then allow you a “diet break” on the 7th day.

All you have to do is choose the correct weight category. Eat the meals laid out in the prescriptive programme, stick to the right amounts, and you will drop body fat.

You don’t even have to count calories or track your food.

The 6/1 Plan has helped my client’s drop up to 7lb’s in the first week.

Transforming their eating habits and helping them achieve incredible long term success.

Keep reading and find out if The 6/1 Plan is right for you.

Tara x

Who is The 6/1 Plan for?

Keep reading and find out what you receive when you purchase your 6/1 Plan…

Let's take a look at what makes The 6/1 Plan, a guide to flexible dieting so unique

The 6/1 Plan Ebook by Tara Grimes

The 6/1 Plan has three parts:

  1. A manual for those under 11st
  2. A manual for those with a starting weight of between 11 and 12.5st
  3. And a manual for those with a starting weight of over 12.5 st

This unique design means you can choose the right plan for you.

Once you have chosen your plan, you will find it packed with measured meals to help you achieve your fat loss goals.

Each manual includes

A guide detailing how to use The 6/1 Plan effectively

This guide explains everything you need to know about The 6/1 plan and tells you how to follow it successfully. I share my tried and tested methods to help you achieve fantastic results.

A guide to rules and danger zones guide

I am sure you have received previous diet plans and been told to get on with it? But to guarantee your success on The 6/1 Plan, I have outlined the rules to follow and explained how to avoid potential danger zones and pitfalls. I leave no stone unturned in my quest to help you achieve the best possible result with The 6/1 Plan.

A guide to using MyFitnessPal

Once The 6/1 Plan has helped you achieve your weight loss goals, it's essential to know how to maintain your success long term. This is the reason I have included my Myfitnesspal guide. Usually when you finish a diet, you are not taught how to maintain your results long-term, but my 6/1 Plan is different. I give you the tools you need to drop body fat. Then I help you implement a flexible nutrition plan that you can follow long term utilising MyFitnessPal.

A guide to alcohol

I know you live in the real world, so telling you to sacrifice things you enjoy in search of fat loss will only end one way... Failure. Rather than telling you to avoid alcohol, I have included a sensible guide to alcohol. This guide will help you understand alcohol's effects on your body fat levels. Meaning you can make informed decisions and enjoy your drinks guilt-free.

Bonus recipes and meal plans

You will also receive recipes and meal plans that you can use if you struggle to develop meal ideas that work for you and your family. This will help make The 6/1 plan part of your daily routine, helping you effortlessly integrate the plan into your lifestyle.

Are you ready to take back control of your weight?

Stop wasting time trying to control your body fat with quick-fix fad diets. There is an easier way, find out how… Right Now!

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Results Guaranteed

This incredible deal is designed by Registered Nutritionists that are specialists in female fat loss protocols.

Members on our private community boast 1000’s of amazing transformations. These are all authentic results from real people spread across the globe.

The 6/1 Plan 3 Ebooks by Tara Grimes

The 6/1 Plan is guaranteed to help you drop unwanted body fat and keep it off long term.

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