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Finally! A Lean And Strong Programme Optimised Specifically For Women Over 40

Over 40’s Lean And Strong is designed with our needs in mind, ladies.

Tara Grimes Over 40's Lean and Strong Program

Ladies, it’s not going to be news to you, I’m sure. Once you’re over 40, there are some extra considerations when it comes to looking after your health and fitness. And let’s be completely frank about it…

You’ve been let down.

Let down by the diet industry, that’s told you that without cutting out bread, pasta and potatoes, you can’t lose weight.

And let down by the fitness industry, which has told you that you need to do brutal, gruelling workouts that leave your back and knees aching for days.

It’s not true, not helpful and it’s simply not good enough.

Take control of your body

Take 60 seconds to hear how I have helped other women over 40 take control of their bodies
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Why I created this program

After working with 1000s of women to help them master their relationship with food once and for all, I noticed a couple of major trends.

First; the focus was way too heavily on training

Using exercise to control your weight is like using an iPhone as a paperweight; it’ll do it, but it’s not designed for that.

The training was often high impact, and high intensity. Most of the women I was speaking to were left aching for days and reluctant to go back to their expensive gym memberships.

Second; by eliminating whole food groups, traditional weight loss approaches have caused a few problems.

They’ve complicated an already fragile hormonal balance – leaving women feeling ravenous all the time, missing out on important social events with their family and friends, and complicated mealtimes where they’re cooking one thing for the family and something else for themselves.

It just wasn’t sustainable.

Using exercise to control your weight is like using an iPhone as a paperweight; it’ll do it, but it’s not designed for that.

The training was often high impact, and high intensity. Most of the women I was speaking to were left aching for days and reluctant to go back to their expensive gym memberships.

What we actually needed was a well balanced approach to whole, nutrient dense foods that were simple to make and enjoyable to eat. Something simple that the whole family could eat together, that didn’t use every dish in the house to prepare!

We also needed exercise to feel manageable. Something that could be an enjoyable addition to nourishing your body, and not something that left you too sore to move for days.

Finally, we needed all this to be designed and optimised with the specific hormone balance of a woman over 40 in mind. The ladies I spoke to were beyond fed up.

Their bodies hadn’t felt “normal” in ages. They were getting fobbed off by their doctors when they asked for help and they were left feeling like they were on their own to figure it all out.

As a woman over 40, and mother to 4 children, I’ve noticed a change. And I realised that what was available to women like me was totally inadequate.

Over 40’s Lean And Strong is designed with our needs in mind, ladies.

Over 40 member results!


Who is this program for?

What makes this over 40’s plan so special?

Over 40's Lean and Strong ebook covers by Tara Grimes
Cover of the Over 40's Female Hormones and Fat Loss Manual

Optimise Female Hormones for Fat Loss Manual

With real solutions designed for the way your body is today, not 20 years ago. After years of research, study, and applied practice as a nutritionist, I have created an ultimate guide to optimising hormones for fat loss, maintaining high quality focused energy and stabilising mood. Many fat loss protocols are aimed at women in their early 20s or men who have completely different hormonal profiles. Hunger and satisfaction are governed by several hormones, including thyroid, leptin, ghrelin and oestrogen. These hormones interact with one another, and can be used to maintain health and improve body composition as we age - without any artificial chemical enhancements or drugs.

The over 40's lean and strong fat loss manual cover

Over 40 fat Loss Manual

It includes breakfasts, lunches, dinners and even snacks that you’ll look forward to eating. When was the last time you could say that on a diet? Not much of a cook? Don’t worry. We’ve thought of that too. It includes video demonstrations on how to prepare and cook each meal from scratch so that you can get lean while still enjoying incredible food.

Over 40's beginners guide to lifting weights

Beginners Guide to Lifting Weights for Over 40’s

If you’re ready to lift some weights to get strong too, you won’t want to miss the Beginner’s Guide To Lifting Weights Over 40. Did you know that from about 30 years old, your bones start to weaken? They become less dense in a process called osteoporosis. While that’s something that we think of older people experiencing, it’s actually a very gradual decline unless you do something to keep them strong. The Beginner’s Guide covers everything you need, including a glossary, advice on how to read your training guide, and even some suggested warm ups and cool downs to properly look after your body before and after exercise. We aren’t about beasting you, but looking after your health and energy properly. It even includes simple outlines on what each exercise does for your body and alternative movements if you need to make it a bit harder (or easier!)

Over 40's lean and strong workout manual

Workout Manual

The female specific training programme intended to tone and sculpt your body. With weekly workouts laid out in a clear and simple to understand way - and complemented with a series of “how to” videos to help you do the movements properly and safely - you can’t help but progress. This is suitable for anyone that’s not exercised for a while, and you don’t need any special equipment to get started.

Over 40's lean and strong how to stay motivated

How to Get and Stay Motivated Manual

My goal for you is the same goal that I had for myself when I set out on my journey… to create a sustainable lifestyle that enables you to look and feel good. Many people make a decision to change based on things that they are having some dissatisfaction with. For example, many people are fed up with the excess body fat they have accumulated, they’ve had enough of feeling sluggish and tired, they are unhappy with feeling self-conscious, they feel stuck in a rut. This manual will help you re-establish new patterns of behaviour.

If you’re focused on getting absolutely everything out of your training, and really capitalising on your diet, there’s also an option to join our Bootcamp. But you’ll get more details about that when you check out…

Over 40's lean and strong measure and track journal

Measure & Track Journal

You also get a dedicated “Measure And Track” Journal which is a vital component in understanding how to manipulate your own calories long term. That means you acquire the fundamental skill in managing your weight long term.

Haven’t tracked calories before? Don’t worry.

You’ll get access to the private Facebook group to get tips, advice and guidance on using your calorie allowance effectively. There is a team of qualified nutritionists and personal trainers inside that group eager to see you win.

Long term, this means you’ll be able to eat out with friends and family, while still losing weight, enjoying the process and getting sustainable results.

Do you struggle to lose fat? Or feel like your metabolism has slowed down?

This is for anyone who has found it really challenging to lose weight or maintain weight as they get older.

Results Guaranteed

This incredible deal is designed by Registered Nutritionists that are specialists in female fat loss protocols. Over 40, your hormones can feel like they’re working against you, and what’s worked in the past is unlikely to still work for you.

The investment for the resources and access to the team inside the Facebook group? Just £39.99

All Over 40s Lean and Strong ebooks

Designed by Registered Nutritionists and specialists in female hormones


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£ 79.99

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£ 39.99

Join the Private Facebook Group

Myself, a team of registered Nutritionists and Sports Performance Coaches will give you the most valid up to date evidence and research to reach your goals in a healthful and safe way.

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