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I bought Stollen in October

Every year, Christmas seems to creep closer and closer.

And this isn’t about whether you love it or hate it… although I’m sure you all have plenty of opinions about that.

This is about stollen.

If you don’t know…

“Stollen is a fruit bread of nuts, spices, and dried or candied fruit, coated with powdered sugar or icing sugar and often containing marzipan.”

…now you know. Thanks, Wikipedia.

It’s German.

And feck me, those Germans know a thing or three about a delicious Christmas treat, don’t they?!

Now, Aldi has had stollen in their stores for the last few weeks.
(Get the apple one… or maybe don’t. It’s too good.)

And the last time I checked… we weren’t even close to December yet.

At the risk of being a Grinch:

Christmas is creeping closer every year and that’s having a negative effect on our diets!

I don’t know about you, maybe you can have one, and put them back…

But this is one of those foods I find impossible to resist. And it may very well be better never to start in the first place.

So here’s 3 steps I recommend to resist Christmas creep – without being a Grinch!

Step 1:

Decide the date when you’re going to allow yourself to start squirrelling Christmas treats into your house. Don’t break your watershed.

Step 2:

Pick a place in your home where you’re going to stash them.

Most Christmas treats have a pretty long date and don’t need to be refrigerated. So keep them out of sight to avoid temptation.

Bonus if you can keep your wrapping paper and stuff with it. Big Grotto Energy!

Step 3:

This one is not for the faint-hearted.

Once Christmas is “over” –

Boxing Day/ St Stephen’s Day, or Twelfth Night – whenever that is in your house…(Whenever your decorations come down, is a good one I think)

Donate, give away and get rid of what’s left over.

This will stop you from buying too much in the first place.

Let me know by replying to this email…

When are you putting your decs up? 👀

Tara Claus x

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