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Diet and Fitness FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Word FOMO on steel pink background

Do you know what really cracks me up?

When women expect results, yet they flit from one thing to another, commit to everything, finish nothing, and are never consistent with absolutely anything EVER !!!!

How many times have you decided to commit to a fitness and nutrition program and then see Susan at work getting results with another ‘x’ diet? You then decide to quit your original plan – and decide to jump on the new Susan diet. WTF?

FOMO Fitness

Are you a serial fitness and diet dipper in and outer?


Are you a serial PT hopper?


Bandwagon diet jumper?


Ever conned into shortcuts and doing stupid things like buying yourself a bottle of apple cider vinegar ‘cos you heard it boosts metabolism and makes you thinner? All because some unqualified blogger promoted it on her story.#ad #spon #BA

FOMO Quacks

Head to the nearest quack, pay a small fortune to get a non-evidence-based food intolerance test done because you think your inability to lose weight and bloating has something to do with an intolerance to food?

It sorta’ got me thinking today when I was attending my gardening duties and watering my window boxes. Dieting and fitness FOMO is a bit like gardening envy. I’m genuinely envious of my Dad’s garden – it’s immaculate!!! It’s easy to get gardening envy of Dad, I tell myself. Dad is retired and has more time on his hands. He has got lots of fancy equipment and fancy flowers and whatnot, and all I have is Olivia’s Pink plastic sandcastle spade and half-dead Petunias. It’s a bit like the excuses I hear for diet and fitness  – shes losing weight faster than me! She’s got a personal trainer! she doesn’t have to work! Rah Rah Rah

Moral of the Story

Mind your own business. Focus on your own situation. Work within your own budget. Channel your energy into making the most of the tools you have to hand. Be consistent. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. For weeks. For months. For years. YES… it’s a forever thing!

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