Jan 13, 2021

Why Can’t I Do It?

Jan 13, 2021

Why Can’t I Do It?

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My 1-1 clients often recruit me to coach and mentor them because they think;

“I’m a smart woman, why can’t I get control of my eating issues?’
Don’t ever think of your inability to get a grip on your eating issues as a failure!

From my experience in coaching clients who struggle losing weight, the greatest challenge I observe is the intense stress, overwhelm and unending desire to align your identity with achievement, success and being productive.

Whether it be work, home life, kids or relationships, the pursuit of “doing” leaves you that you become a human-dog when you stop to take a quick break. You reward yourself with food!!

I coach many successful, amazing women, great mums, great partners, great friends and top-notch careers – everything their heart desires – but the one thing they cant achieve is an improved relationship with food. Getting the body they want.

Telling them to get a different coping reward mechanism rather than food doesn’t quite cut it for them, e.g., like go for a walk, call a friend, take a bath,  it wouldn’t help me either be honest. They want me to take them by the hand and help them achieve the one thing that eludes them – freedom from using food as a comforter for stress, worry, the reward for hard work, loneliness and boredom. Just tell me how to fix it!

Perfectionism has a big part to play. Striving for that control, searching for weaknesses, what is wrong with you, feeling you’re constantly not good enough- in yourself, in your work, in what you’ve done. You want others to think positively about you, seeking protection from criticism, constantly in the crusade to get everything right. You are leaving yourself wide open to self-sabotage every time something isn’t perfect in your diet, or you create the same hard fast rules within your diet that you create for your life or your work. It’s exhausting, and it needs to stop, is any wonder overeating comes to the rescue every time!

Hopefully, this opens your eyes to the fact that your inability to get the body and health you want has little to do with food, diet and exercise and your lack of self-control? You see, the greatest and most important muscle in our body is between our ears and understanding it will help you get to the solution.

Do you need some help?

I am completely results-driven and, if you are committed to change and want me to coach you, reply to this email and let’s get this job done once and for all and permanently resolve overeating.

Applications are now open for 23 Febrauary 2021.  I’m excited to take on new clients, so email me at [email protected] if you’re interested.

Who is
Tara Grimes

Tara is one of Ireland’s top Fitness & Weight Loss Experts.

Tara is a Certified Nutritionist and Accredited Personal Trainer who has helped transform thousands of clients in Ireland and the UK and her online business is now helping many more clients across the world. She runs several online businesses from her base in N.Ireland and distributes 100,000s of her popular weight loss meals to customers across the country.

A mum of 4, who is passionate about Women’s Health and Fitness, she knows exactly how to help women of every age get Leaner, Fitter and Stronger. Tara’s companies employ top-level performance coaches and she has a team of registered nutritionists providing support for online clients across the globe. Tara has been recruited by Bluechip companies to provide in-house employee Health & Wellness packages, consulted with Government Departments on Nutrition & Weight Management and worked with professional sports teams & elite athletes improve their Performance Nutrition.

Tara has extensive qualifications including, BA(Hons) Degree from University Of Ulster and MSc from Queens University, Belfast.  She is also a Certified MNU Nutritionist helping Clinical Populations improve their overall health. She features in top publications and is a guest writer for many health publications.

Transforming Women’s bodies and health is Tara’s specialist area. She has created an amazing community of followers and clients across the world and her Fat Loss and Fitness Programs specialise in Female Fat Loss & Health, Over 40’s Fat loss and how to manage & Optimise changing hormones. Fitness programs for all levels and all incomes. She has programs to suit everyone, no matter what their starting level is at.

Her business is based entirely on the success of her clients.

*By following a plan or by following advice provided by Tara Grimes Fitness, you assume such risks and waive and release any claim which you may have against Fitness 31 Ltd. as a result of any future injury or illness as a result of the use or misuse of any program. You also claim responsibility for any adverse effects that result from the use of recipes and/or information in a plan.

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