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Changing bodies changes lives

Women photographed whilst training and in the gym

How long do you think it will take you to lose the weight you want?


A month? Six Months? A year?

The truth is it will probably take you longer than you think!

I recently had a client Katie who took a year to lose over two and a half stone! 

A fantastic achievement, but what really struck me was her attitude during her weight loss journey!

Coaching Katie was a breath of fresh air because instead of focussing on what she had to do going forward and the time it might take…

She constantly reminded herself (and me) how far she had come. 

Even after only a week together, she would tell me how grateful she was for my help and her progress so far.

It was incredibly refreshing

Instead of worrying about how much she had left to do, she stayed positive by focusing on the incredible changes she had already made.

By doing this, Katie taught me a great lesson, and it’s now something I do with all my 1-1 VIP clients

Yes, we focus on the goal, the future, and the path we have to walk, but we also constantly remind ourselves how far we have come, the incredible changes that have occurred in a short space of time, and the weight loss so far!

Because focusing on that motivates all my clients to push forward, reach new heights, and lose even more weight…

They are changing their body and changing their life!

Next time you find yourself struggling, take a deep breath, think of how far you have come, the struggles you have overcome, and the weight you have lost!

Motivate yourself to keep moving forward by reminding yourself of what you have already achieved!

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