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Fast weight loss DOES NOT mean fast regain!

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If I told you that my 1-1 VIP coaching programme would help you lose 2 stone in 12 weeks, would you believe me?

Well, I have helped many of my clients do just that!

But when I shared a fantastic (2 stone in 12 weeks) transformation on my Instagram a few months ago, I had comments and messages from people saying that she would inevitably put it back on because she lost the weight so quickly.

This is absolute nonsense!

All my clients who have lost over 2 stone have maintained their weight loss or lost even more!

I will admit if someone loses 2 stone on an unsustainable short term, quick-fix fad diet, it does make sustaining the weight loss difficult!

Because it’s impossible to maintain a quick fix diet long term!

But I help my 1-1 clients lose weight through healthy lifestyle changes, proper nutrition strategies, and unique weight-loss methods to create faster weight loss, including cyclical dieting, undulation, and dieting breaks.

This means my clients achieve swift weight loss and are given the knowledge and support to maintain or progress even further long-term!

Is fast fat loss right for everyone?  NO!

It’s one reason I make all my 1-1 VIP clients go through an application process, to ensure they are suitable for the programme and that I can help them achieve their goals with care!

Once my 1-1 clients have achieved their weight loss goals, I move them into a transition phase.

This phase is the key to stopping them from regaining weight!

My 1-1 VIP coaching programme is not all about weight loss. It’s about building strength, muscle tone and transitioning to maintenance nutrition targets so my clients don’t rebound and regain all the lost weight!

I give them the knowledge and support to ditch yo-yo dieting forever!

If you want to lose over 2 stone while learning the skills and strategies necessary to keep it off long term.

My 1-1 VIP coaching programme is perfect for you!

As I said earlier, it’s an application only process, but I encourage you to apply, and I will be in touch to discuss if the programme is right for you!

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