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The F it food cycle

Snacks and chocolate on a pink background

Have you ever had a junk food binge, felt awful for it and said to yourself, “That’s it, I am never eating anything like that ever again!”

You have this imaginary vision of all your meals being super healthy, never touching or thinking about sweets, crisps, or takeaways ever again!

Your diet is perfect.

You drop all your unwanted body fat and live happily ever after!

Yea, unfortunately, that’s never going to happen, and the truth is, trying to eat the perfect diet is more likely to push you into the “🤬 it food cycle” than help you smash your weight loss goals.

The “🤬it food cycle” goes something like this.

You tell yourself you will never eat another piece of chocolate ever again.

Unfortunately, life gets in the way and pushes your buttons. You start to crave chocolate, and because you are stressed, say “🤬it.” And eat all the chocolate you can get your hands on!

I am sure you have experienced this vicious cycle before!

If you have, the best way to overcome this vicious cycle is to welcome a little bit of chocolate, takeaways, alcohol, whatever you like, into your diet.

And if you account for these foods in your daily calorie target, not only can you enjoy them guilt-free and still achieve your goals, but you will never hit the “🤬 it” button again!

So STOP trying to be perfect!

Implement a healthy eating routine that lets you enjoy the foods you love and live a happier, healthier life.

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