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The Most Convenient Way To Enjoy Your Fitness?

Join the fastest growing online bootcamp today and put the fun back into your fitness.

An upgrade to my very popular online Bootcamp is coming in September

We are taking a short summer break and will be returning with a new and improved programme.

Register your interest below so you don’t miss out.

An upgrade to my very popular online Bootcamp is coming in September.

We are taking a short summer break and will be returning with a new and improved programme.

Register your interest below so you don’t miss out.

Starts September 2022

Register your details so you don’t miss out when intake opens again.

Register your details

Have you been thinking about working on your fitness?

Maybe you’ve been to boot camps in the past and enjoyed them… but now you need more flexibility. 

If you’re looking for incredible results, not just prancing around your living room this is what you’ve been searching for.

My Online Bootcamp

The easiest way to include fitness in your life

The main priority is getting incredible results while enjoying your workout!
Whether you have trained in the past, or you’re a total beginner.
Either way, there’s no pressure to finish the session gasping.
Do what feels right for your body on any given day.
You’d be amazed at the progress you will make by committing to showing up for yourself.

Real women, real results!

Evidence based tried and tested

The people on this programme love that they can get amazing results in their own home in just three 30 minute sessions a week.

There’s no massive bulky equipment required, and you don’t have to turn your home into a gym to get the best out of the programme.

The real benefit of this Online Bootcamp?

It’s designed by nutritionists, focussing on what you eat, not just how you move.

Short, sharp workouts that can be completed almost anywhere.

The massive endorphin rush when you’re done.
Start to finish, including your shower & hair wash, back in your PJs in under an hour.
In fact, we found people were staying with boot camps because they loved the community and the convenience of a shorter workout…

But in more traditional boot camps, they weren’t seeing the changes they wanted.
They’d started at the boot camp to help manage their weight and while they were definitely seeing improvements to their fitness…
Their weight wasn’t changing the way they’d hoped.
Sometimes, people would get so discouraged they’d stop going.
I’d heard this so many times I knew something had to be done. People were working so hard, they deserved to see some results.
And I knew exactly what was missing…
In fact, at least half of what was needed for an incredible result just simply wasn’t being offered in other boot camps.

There was absolutely no support being offered for nutrition.

It was such a glaring omission it was wrong to promise a transformation without this vital element.
As a nutritionist myself, I was sure of it and I bet you’ve probably suspected it yourself.
Consistently working out, giving your all… and not getting the results you’ve wanted?
You’re not alone.
Your transformation needs more than exercise.
In fact, exercise is really just the icing on the cake…

Our Online Bootcamp puts nutrition front and centre of the programme.

And it's why our clients get results like this working out at home…

If that’s something like you’d want, just click here to get started…


All live workouts run through a Private Facebook Group

The most convenient part of the programme for most people is that the live instructor-led workouts are all run through the Facebook group.
And if you can’t make them live? Don’t worry.
Every single one will stay on the page for the full length of the programme.
You can catch up at a time that works for you, and even return to workouts that you particularly liked.

It’s a complete package

Peace of mind that you have all the help you need.

We understand the biggest struggle around getting in shape for many women is understanding how to fuel your body properly so that you want to exercise. This is especially true if you’ve got a long-term love/hate relationship with diet clubs, like many of our ladies.

That’s why you get access to two fully qualified personal trainers leading you through each workout, and you also get two fully qualified nutritionists too.

Many of the ladies involved in the programme don’t lose weight as quickly as they used to, and even though it can seem like they’re doing everything right, the scales don’t seem to budge.
Working with a nutritionist every week will mean you know exactly when to make adjustments to your diet, and when to simply be patient and trust the process.
No second-guessing yourself and jumping from one programme to another. Just peace of mind that you have all the help you need.

When you’re not in a live session, the commitment to movement is incredibly simple.

Just walking.

You don’t have to do any workouts alone.

In fact, you won’t have to work out unsupervised at all.
Just a commitment to getting outside in the fresh air every day and going for a walk.
Taking the time to look after yourself. Putting your needs first, with music or just listening to the birds singing.
Whatever you enjoy most.

Free recipes and meal plans

In addition to weekly access to a qualified nutritionist, you also get tons of free recipes and meal plans.
You can take what you need from the nutritionist and then apply it through these practical mealtime solutions.
These aren’t 50-ingredient meals that leave your kitchen devastated either. These use simple ingredients from every supermarket, quick to prep and cook, and the whole family will enjoy them.

No more cooking one thing for the family and something else for yourself.

This is meant to make your life easier, remember?

You also get access to a series of videos on food, breaking down the recipes so that you understand why these foods are beneficial.

This has been an absolute game-changer, especially for the ladies that have a background in diet clubs that operate on a “just do this and don’t ask questions” basis.
No matter what level of experience you’ve got with managing your diet, the resources can be applied immediately.

But you don’t only get information.

You get accountability.


Accountability every day from a highly engaged and supportive Facebook community.

There’s huge power in belonging to a group of people that are all on the same journey as you. Ask anything on that group and you’ll never be left more than a few minutes waiting for a response.

The ladies on this programme are incredibly generous with their support. Even the most introverted among us will benefit from being in the group. You only have to be as social as you want to be.
As your time in the Bootcamp goes on, you’ll notice another type of accountability developing…
Accountability to yourself. And with that comes trust

Laptop showing the 28 Day Online Bootcamp Facebook Group
Female working out

The results of the last challenge were visually impressive.
To see them as data might be even more so:


of participants lost weight


increased non-exercise movement outdoors


reduced stress levels


increased their energy levels


felt stronger and fitter


another one here?

What to Expect

When you click that button and join the Bootcamp, here’s what you can expect to happen next…

Immediately, you’ll be sent an email with everything you need:

The price of the 28 Day Online Bootcamp is just £139…

That’s less than £35 per week!
And when you get to the end of the programme, having absolutely loved it you’ll even have an option to renew.
You could be joining the 76% of people that sign straight back up for the next one.
No long term contracts, no daunting commitments.
Just fun, flexible fitness in your home and the support of an incredible team that will help you get results!


It’s £139 for everything. You get 3 live workouts each week suitable and modified for all levels of fitness from complete beginners to advanced exercisers. With or without equipment. A calorie-controlled program or a portion-controlled fat loss program to follow. Live Q& A’s with Tara every week plus much more nutrition, health, and fitness experience – it will be the complete package.  All information provided is evidence-based, and we are both fully qualified registered Nutritionists and Personal Trainers with a combined experience of over 30 years.

The workouts will be live, but the live recording can also be accessed afterwards on the page to accommodate everyone who cannot participate in live workouts.  We will even email you all the workouts after the program has ended so you will always have access to all the videos and won’t ever miss out.

If you want me to handhold you personally through this then you can view my 1-1 VIP Program, however, before you consider this, check out what you will get for your price. You will get ;
A flexible calorie-controlled program individually to your requirements to suit you and your lifestyle – including meal and recipe ideas.
Alternatively, if you don’t want to calorie count, you can follow the portion control program.
Both options will come with meal ideas and delicious, nutritious ideas to incorporate into your life. You can also have Flexible calories or meals to make it more sustainable.

Don’t worry. We plan to do fun workouts suitable for everyone.  We plan to make sure you get fitter and stronger as the weeks progress.  We will also be throwing in mini-challenges and setting personal targets outside the weekly workouts also to push you outside your comfort zone. Strength, cardio, little dance warm-ups ( calling in help from Alice Grimes), abs, butts, arms – we will be hitting every body part.  Don’t worry; we will make it fun!!!

Don’t worry; The program isn’t prescriptive as it’s imperative that you eat the foods you prefer and that you can follow a program that is sustainable after the 6 weeks is up.  Plus it also allows you for fave treats without total deprivation. It gives freedom and flexibility to do life whilst losing weight and getting healthy.

Yes, of course.  This is standard and very common.  Accountability is key. Although this is optional,  I encourage participants to email a weekly report, listing your progress against your goals you set for yourself, i.e., weekly weight changes, inch loss, and Photos of scale weight and bi-weekly progress pics  (only ever used with the permission of the client).  I will review these every Saturday to ensure everyone is making progress with their personal goals.  We will also give you full feedback each week and tips on how you can improve and stay motivated. Damien and I also present live Q & A to pre-empt the common obstacles to sustained effort when dieting.

You don’t have to.  You can be a silent bystander and observer and learn from everything posted on the page. You should never feel obliged to make comments or engage if you don’t feel comfortable. We like to provide a warm, safe, and supportive community for our clients.  From experience, we find that group pages can provide a fun, group community feel and questions asked and answered on the page benefit everyone who belongs to the group. I will do Live Q&As frequently throughout the program.

Of Course! We will always give our current and valued clients priority places on the next program, and you will be offered this option near the end of the program.  You can re-book your second block at any time.

Absolutely! We welcome clients from across the world.  The live workout videos and Q & A’s can be accessed at any time on our Private community page and all comments and questions will always be answered.  You can select your currency on our webpage when making the purchase to check out your price in your local currency.

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