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The Wedding Invite arrived and my heart sank

Wedding invite

I am sure I am not the only one who has picked up the post, flicked through the letters, and spied a beautifully designed wedding invitation.

You knew it was coming. You had the date saved and everything,

But now the invite is in your hand; it’s official! And a wave of dread washes over you.

It’s not the type of dread that comes from wondering who else is invited or not wanting to go!

It’s the kind of dread that arrives because you promised yourself you would lose weight for this one.

You wanted to give yourself a few months to get into shape, but you didn’t!

You thought you had more time, but life got in the way. You had a lovely new dress picked out, one size down and everything!

**”Oh, well,” you tell yourself, “it’s too late now. I will just wear the same old dress I always wear. It hides all the bits I hate anyway.”**

Another dress worn because it hides the parts you hate, not because you love it!

Another day spent avoiding the camera or dragging others into photos so you can position yourself at the back.

Another day spent feeling self-conscious, not enjoying the day to the fullest.

Look, I have been there, leaving things to the last minute, cramming it all in only to discover you needed months, not weeks, to get into shape!

From weddings to nights out, holidays, Communions and Confirmations and family parties; we have all at one time or another promised ourselves we would get into shape, only to put it off until the last minute, or not do anything at all!

You wish you had worked harder for longer, but instead, it’s another last-minute cram and rush.

I speak to women who leave it too late every year. Instead of getting into shape, these women are left angry with themselves for letting things get so bad and not taking action.

And the reason I am talking to you about this today is that I don’t want you to keep repeating the same mistakes!

My 6-week online Bootcamp is the perfect opportunity to:

✅ Lose stubborn body fat
✅ Work on targeting back fat, tummy fat, and bingo wings
✅ Improve your nutrition, so you feel more energetic

It’s time to rebuild your body confidence, get into shape, and learn how to stay fit and healthy for the long term.

So, the next time you head away on holiday or receive a wedding invite, you won’t need months to prepare!

Let’s not leave it too late again this year. Make a start today!

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