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Things Feel Tight Right Now

Things feel tight right now text on red background with image of a rolled up bank note tied together with measuring tape

And I’m not just talking about your jeans.

Money always feels like an issue when you have a family.

There’s simply always something that needs you to open your purse.

School trips.

Sudden growth spurts mean the kids need new uniform mid-way through the term.

Getting a plumber in to have a tinker with the boiler…

No one warns you how boring the stuff you spend your money on would be as an adult.

And like anything – the squeaky wheel gets the oil. 

The most urgent, bleeding neck wound problem is the thing that gets money spent on it.

But that often means the longer term problems…

Those which are maybe more chronic and have been rumbling along at a lower level for a while…

Go unresolved.

I won’t say unnoticed – because you’re still dealing with the consequences daily.

The jeans that start to rub by 11am that you’re reluctant to replace.

The shoes that used to be more comfortable before the work-from-home pounds crept on.

Honestly, it’s not uncommon for women to have their health on the to-do list for a couple of years before they get to the stage they’re ready for my help.

And while this is normal…

It still makes me want to demand more for these incredible women.

Women who are the linchpins of their families.

Without them, everything would fall apart.

Putting themselves below a boiler repair.

And then it occurs to me…

The damage that might be done to the children looking to these incredible women as role models.

And how we’re teaching the next generation that love = self neglect.

Let’s change the game here, ladies.

If there’s something you’ve wanted to try…

If there’s a challenge that’s giving you butterflies of excitement…

If there’s a goal you’re chasing down, and you’re going to smash before the year is over…

I am here for it.

Even if I’m not coaching you…

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