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Madness and Menopause

Words 'menopause' in wooden blocks on a pink background

I hope you’re feeling good today… But if you’re a “woman of a certain age” there’s a good chance that you’re not.

I’m talking all things meno…

Let’s face it, if men suffered from it they’d have invented a cure by now!

It’s an incredibly difficult time in a woman’s life and only recently are we actually talking about it openly. 


Yes, that too! 😂

Feeling as though we are going insane.

Brain fog, poor memory and mood swings…

And don’t get me started on the physical symptoms.

I’ve been studying this time in a woman’s life for years now,

And I’ve had a bit of an epiphany… So I thought I’d share it with you.

Much of the overwhelm we feel is, in my belief, caused by the thought that we are losing our youth…

That our younger selves are slipping away to make room for some old crone!

So today I want to talk to you about acceptance.

I believe most of the friction we feel at this time in our lives comes from our unwillingness to get older…

Now, obviously, there’s nothing we can do about that… The alternative isn’t a great option, lol.

So, I work with my clients to reach a level of acceptance for our new bodies…

Similar to when we’ve given birth. Our bodies have changed but it’s hugely empowering…

And that’s how I’m treating menopause, personally.

Let’s work on self-compassion, self-acceptance and being kinder.

That body of yours has got you to this point in your life…

Done some absolutely fucking incredible things, shown massive strength and resilience.

Are we going to just give up on her because her requirements have changed?

Because she’s struggling to get through a period of change?

You’d never treat a friend like this so why would you be this way to your own body?

So, I want you to raise a toast… (That cuppa you’re cuddling will do)…

To our new bodies… 

We will be patient and give you what you need… After all, it’s only what you’ve always done for us.

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