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Major Realisation

Words 'Major Realisation' written in white on a pink background

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about why food can be such an issue in our lives…

Particularly food that we consider as “unhealthy”…

I’m going to use Indian takeaway as an example…😋

First of all, we wrestle with the decision to order it…

We know we should probably eat the better choices that we’ve spent good money on at the supermarket,

Actually get off our arses and cook the healthy vegetables sitting decoratively in the fridge, lol.

So, there’s immediate FRICTION before we even pick up the phone.

The takeaway arrives and we pour it onto our plates, constantly having that nagging feeling that we could have chosen better…

We know it’s not the best for us and that gnaws away at us during the meal…


Afterwards, we’ve (invariably) eaten too much (because it’s so bloody nice!)…

Feel bloated, greasy and ever so slightly regretful.


Even the next day our digestive systems might be putting their complaints in so we are still engaging with that ONE food decision.

That’s a ton of mental energy spent.

Whereas if we had prepared, cooked and eaten the healthier meal that was languishing in the fridge…

We’d have not considered it a waste of money,

We’d be doing what we said we would in making better nutritional choices,

And let’s be honest… The food would sit better in our stomachs.

I don’t know about you, but no one warns you for how much your digestive system seems to shift after 40. Things I used to be able to tolerate quite well… forget it!

And we’d walk away from the table feeling good that we’d made the best choice for us in that moment.

No overthinking = NO FRICTION.

This is why, when we start a diet or healthy eating plan, we instantly feel better

Because we remove emotional friction…

This means we aren’t engaging with our food as much or wasting our mental energy processing our decision.

I find this idea incredibly interesting…

I’d love to hear what you think…

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