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I’m Wearing My Wedding Ring Again!

Female holding out her hand whilst wedding ring is placed on her finger

One of the ladies in our community has reached a huge milestone recently – and I wanted to celebrate the achievement.

She’s one of my VIP coaching clients, and we’ve been working together since the end of the summer.

Her main motivator: unlocking about half her wardrobe.

When she told me, I was thrilled!

Getting back into clothes you used to love is even better than going and buying new clothes that you love, as far as I’m concerned.

She’s well on her way to achieving this. But this post isn’t about her clothing…

It’s about her wedding ring. 

Her husband works away a lot on business. He’s out of the country for at least one week of the month, every month. Often more.

Long story short: It can be pretty difficult to navigate family mealtimes. 

Social events tend to pile up for the times when he’s around. Their calendar gets packed because there’s not a whole lot of time for them to do stuff together as a family.

Including their favourite social: dinner and drinks. 

Let’s be realistic…

Any married woman – or single mother for that matter – does have a harder time dieting. 

You have to consider the needs and commitments of the people who are depending on you. Some concessions will have to be made.

Meals together, socialising, and catching up over your day are all so important in ANY family… But when your partner’s schedule has them out of the country half the time, they’re even more precious because that time is limited.

Her connection to her husband was obviously a key part of her starting her journey, so her post this week about her wedding ring fitting again felt like a really symbolic moment.

And what I loved even more was her willingness to share that non-scale victory to the community.

Here’s how she did it:

Protein at every meal to keep her feeling full and to stop her overeating.

Keeping an eye on her calorie target. An easy way to get your calorie target is by using my Calorie Calculator

She walked every day (sometimes on the treadmill), and did a home workout with us 3 times a week.

That’s it.

She’s come to really enjoy these goals as they’re simple, they fit in well with family life, and they don’t tend to take over too much.

Important, in this season of our lives, I think.

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