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Why do we overeat?

Words 'Why do we overeat' on a pink background

You might not even be ready to think about this question at the moment…

I know that you’ll still be reeling from the whirlwind that was Christmas & New Year

Finding yourself holding onto the odd random box of After Eights with a vice-like grip…

Hell, you might even still be picking shards of Pringles out of your cleavage! 😂

But if you are ready to have a think about why we do some of the stupid shit that we do, I’m here for it.

In my experience of coaching thousands of menopausal women…

We use overeating as a tool. A coping mechanism. A way of managing other more uncomfortable things…

Often things that are too difficult to tackle.

For example, a job you hate, a relationship that makes you feel rubbish or maybe a lack of confidence in yourself.

In short, overeating is managing something else in your life. It’s got a protective value.

So when women come to me and say, 

“I want to lose weight more than anything, and I’m trying my absolute best!”

I believe them. But I also know that not doing it is giving you something too.

In other words: It’s derisking you from something worse. 

But it has risks of its own.

Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? 

That’s why losing weight is so much more than finding a calorie deficit and sticking to it.

And that’s why my programme digs deep into what else is going on in women’s lives… Because we’re all at a stage of life where we’re challenged – daily – by The Other Thing.

I want to get to know you,

To a point where we feel able to have a bloody good chat and a moan about what’s going on,

Because then I can really work out your strengths AND what you’re hiding from.

I know I can help… How can I be so sure?

Because I have a 100% success rate. Let that sink in.


The would take a fair bit of risk out of things, wouldn’t it?

If you’re ready to explore what that could look like for you, book a call today and we’ll get into it together.

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