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Ann’s story; Part 2

Photo of women holding dumbbells

Remember in my last post I told you about Ann?

She’d been involved in an accident that had shifted her life pretty dramatically, and she’d been struggling to do even the most basic things in her life.

Determined to try to improve her situation, Ann searched for help…

✅ She underwent painful physiotherapy.
✅ Dutifully committed to everything the doctor prescribed.
✅ And battled daily with dreadful anxiety.

…But every new medication brought its own set of problems with it!




Restless legs and more! 

Nothing she tried helped the pain, and all drugs had side effects.

**She was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, sleep apnoea and polycystic ovaries…**

As well as that unenviable list, she said she didn’t even look like herself anymore…

Didn’t feel like herself…

And spent all day feeling locked in a body that just caused her misery and discomfort.

By now, Ann had gone from a size 12 at the time of the accident to a size 20. 

By the Summer of 2022, she’d had her fill… She had some difficult conversations with medication professionals…

She genuinely felt as though the doctors were trying to do their best for her…

But couldn’t help feeling as though she’d been pushed from pillar to post. Something had to change, and so she decided to take charge and make some decisions about her health.

She started by reducing her medication very gradually…

It was at this point that she met with a doctor who was to change her life without even taking out her prescription pad…

A doctor who recommended my coaching programme…

Stay tuned for part 3… Not to be missed…

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