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Ann’s story; Part 3

Ann's Story Part 3 words on pink background

Last post I told you how Ann’s doctor had happened to mention and recommend my coaching programme…

Conventional pain relief wasn’t helping, and so this was the GP’s alternative suggestion…

The heavier Ann became, the more stress it put on her injuries and the more pain she experienced.

The more pain she felt, the less she felt able to do physically.

I told Ann: weight management is more about what you put in your mouth than what you do in the gym.

I remember once telling her that even people in comas lose weight!

She took comfort from that idea as she realised that she didn’t need to do a ton of exercise to lose weight.

Since she was feeling so tired from her illnesses, this was a massive relief!

That conversation happened just 6 months ago…

I know Ann found the first few weeks quite challenging…

I drummed into her the importance of eating protein, and I know the whole family ended up eating turkey around the clock! 

There was so much turkey that Ann’s poor husband asked for fish on Christmas day! 😂

I set Ann a goal of 10,000 steps, and I know she found this incredibly tough…

But she wanted her life back, so she didn’t falter.

She battled through Christmas, determined to succeed, and I was always on hand for support.

Just 2 or 3 months in, I could already see a big change in Ann…

She said getting her steps in felt easier…

And she seemed to have started enjoying walking and getting out of the house again…

Could it be that she was winning the battle after all…?

See you next time with Ann’s final weigh-in results!

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