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Bastard Plateaus

Photo of person standing at the edge of a cliff looking out

PLATEAUS… A well-documented part of dieting and genuinely super frustrating…

Our nutrition might be spot on, yet we still aren’t seeing the weight loss we want.

It’s enough to try the patience of a feckin saint… And a saint, I’m not 😂

But before you go off feeling all disheartened, let’s double-check that you are ACTUALLY experiencing a plateau… or could it be that you’re just overlooking a few things?

Are you being as vigilant with your food as you were when you started?

Every leftover fish finger half, cold chip and chicken nugget will add up…

Listen, no judgement. 

I once put all of the bits I picked of an evening on a plate… I don’t mind telling you I had a full-blown meal at the end of it! It’s so bloody easy to do.

This is what keeps us stuck.

The milk in our coffees unaccounted for, the sauces we add to meals…

All the “guesstimates” we include…

Or the calories we take in in liquid form 🍷 

These are the things that stand between us and the results we want and deserve.

So, I’d like to issue you a challenge…

Write down EVERY SINGLE BITE that passes your lips for a week…

I’m willing to bet that you’ll be overshooting by a couple of hundred calories daily.

Trust me… It’s a real eye opener…

Because once we women know the truth of what we are up against,

There’s nothing on earth and not much in heaven that can stop us. 😉

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