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Other women’s beards…

Women with cream on face about to shave her beard

Ok… Time for brutal honesty…

Did you shave this morning?

No, not your legs…

Your chin… Like a fully grown bloke-type shave.

And, if you didn’t have time, will you be looking like a Billy Connelly tribute act by 4pm? 

It’s no joke.

We knew we’d be in for a hot flush or two,

Or feel a bit emotional… Maybe need a little cry…


What, in God’s name, has the universe got planned for us that we suddenly NEED chin hair?

Now, I love a bit of self-care as much as the next girl,

But, I didn’t think it would involve getting up close and personal with Mr Gillette on a daily basis (other razors are available.. but they are shit tbf).

I was all up for a little gentle exfoliation

Or a nice face masque,

But a 5 o’clock shadow… Not so much.

This might be the sort of thing that could get us down…

Make us feel less than feminine or freakish in some way, like an extra from The Greatest Showman!

UNTIL we speak to other women…

Then we find out that we are not the only people looking like we are auditioning for ZZ Top 🎸🤣

And we realise that there’s huge comfort to be gained from a common problem…

The power of a like-minded community women at a similar point in their lives…

Those God damn “sandwich years” that everyone’s banging on about.

Inside my community, we lean on each other like a drunk man at closing time 🤣

Feel secure in the knowledge that we can speak about our issues without judgement and are comforted as our problems feel normalised.

None of us can swerve the menopause…

But we can bolster each other so that we don’t get derailed…

Now, I’m off to lather up,

But I’d love to have you as part of our little beardy family. You can book your call here – and you don’t even have to do any grooming to be ready for it.

Much love,

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