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Stabbing Pain in arse cheek

Women wearing jeans holding bum cheeks

Quite a personal question,

And one that you are under no obligation to answer, of course, lol…

Well, you know how they say that gamblers often have a “tell” when they are under pressure?

Something their body does that shows they are stressed or excited…

Well, does your body have a “tell” when she’s feeling less than her best?

Why do I ask?

Recently, I signed up a new client to my programme and we got chatting (of course we did 😆)… I asked her what it was that had made her realise enough was enough, and that she was ready for things to change.

She told me (and this might make you smile)…

“There’s a specific weight at which I get a stabbing pain in my arsecheek…

It happens at a precise weight and is incredibly uncomfortable to the point where it stops me walking”.

She went on to tell me about how she’d fallen out with the bathroom scales of late,

And had told it to get in the corner and think about the lies it had told 😂

She thought she could happily live in blissful ignorance but her body had other ideas…

She was walking to work and that pain started up… Took her breath away… She’d had to hold onto some railing until it passed.

Sure enough, when she plucked up the courage to jump on the scales, her fears were confirmed.

She’d hit her “discomfort weight”… The weight at which her body would alert her by sending pain signals. She told me,

“Even if i didn’t have a scale, I’d know my weight based on that pain. Clearly, this is too much weight for my frame and my body needed me to know”.

Our bodies are incredible pieces of kit, they will send us information that we, more often than not, blatantly ignore…

But, whether we like it or not…

The body keeps the score.

Comment below by telling me a time when your body insisted you listened…

Take your time…

I’m gonna be over here having a little sit down 😉

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