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More like me again

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How’s life treating you?

Today I want to tell you about lady who joined my programme last year…

She came to me in July 2022 feeling lower than a snake’s belly. She was perimenopausal and it was giving her a real battering.

✅ Exhausted, and weary – impossible to get a full night sleep
✅ Joint pain that didn’t seem to relate to anything in particular, just aching
✅ And the hot flushes, like she was standing over a stove

You name it, she had it. Her induction chat read like an NHS menopausal symptom checker.

She was working full time, still had teenage kids at home and a demanding elderly mother…

That’s not to mention a husband who, to all intents and purposes, doubled as another child!


Still, she was a strong, capable woman, right? So she did what we all do…

She ploughed on, took painkillers, drank some strong coffee and kept her shit together.


The crunch came when she fell asleep on her daily commute. She was sleeping so deeply that she missed her stop and woke up over an hour away from home…

Disoriented, exhausted, scared and emotional she’d cried all the way home…

For her, it was the final straw…

She wasn’t against HRT but decided to see if lifestyle tweaks would help first…

That’s where I came in.

Six months on, ALL of her symptoms have massively improved. 

She has way more energy, fewer perimenopausal symptoms and the ones she does get aren’t as severe.

Her sleep has improved and her mood is way more stable.

The best testimonial… She told me “I feel more like me again”

As you can imagine – I’m delighted (but not surprised given that we have a 100% success rate for all our clients)

Her results have been so good that she’s not even going to ask her GP for HRT at this stage. How amazing is that?!

…If any of this email is making you nod your hot, sweaty little head…

Love, don’t suffer for a second longer…

Let’s get our heads together and give your perimenopause a run for its money!

Always in your corner,
Tara x

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