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Sacking off your diet after 2 weeks?

Sacking off your diet after 2 weeks text with apple and donut in the foreground

Drinking green tea instead of your morning coffee…

Heading straight to the gym after you drop the kids off at school…

Eating yet another jacket potato and tuna for your lunch…

And swapping out your wine for water as you sit in front of the telly.

This is the reality for thousands of women when they’re trying to lose weight.

Perhaps your life has looked a little like this before, <>?

And sure, maybe you’ve lost a few pounds…

But within two weeks you’ve sacked off your new lifestyle.


Because all the foods you’re eating…

The drinks you’re having…

And the workouts you’re doing…

They’re **BORING**.

Life’s too short to eat boring foods…

And slog away in the gym for hours on end.

Especially at our age.

But what can you do?

Some ladies accept that they’ll never have a figure they feel confident flaunting.

Others will give themselves a stern talking to in order to get them through those dull meals and gym sessions.

The truth is that you don’t need to do either of those.

You just need to inject a bit of spark into your life.

Get creative with your healthy meals…

Look to include the foods you love every day.

And don’t be afraid to cook something new for dinner.

(Did you know there are over 30,000 different fruits or veggies in the world for you to try?!)

As for exercise, forget about mindlessly running on the treadmill for 45 minutes.

Do exercises you love.

Whether that’s rekindling your schoolgirl love for netball again…

Or simply sticking on a podcast and going for a walk.

The moment you stop thinking of a healthy lifestyle as a chore…

And start actually enjoying the way you eat and move…

You’ll be much more likely to stick at them for the long haul.

And THAT ^^^ is how you lose weight easily, keep it off, and fall in love with your body.

Just something to think about.

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