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Even The Most Motivated Women Struggle With This

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Most women I speak to don’t have a problem eating poached eggs, salads, and swapping to skimmed milk.

Some don’t even mind exercising a couple of times per week.

But no matter how motivated or determined they are to lose weight…

There’s one area they always fall short on.


We’re all guilty of reaching for the biscuit cupboard for that mid-morning pick-me-up…

Or nibbling on chocolate as we cook our dinner.

Or even stealing a few crisps from our little ones.

But what you may not realise is these grazes throughout the day can add up to HUNDREDS of calories.

And the worst part?

These snacks don’t even tackle your hunger.

So come dinner time you’re STILL ravenous.

Meaning you eat a tad too much to keep the fat fairies away.

This raises a question:

What can you do to stop yourself from snacking…so you can avoid those empty calories…and start losing weight easier?

Here are two solutions –


#1 Eat bigger meals

Increasing your portion sizes slightly and adding more vegetables to your meals does miracles for your appetite.

You’ll feel more full after you’ve finished your meal…

Meaning you’re not scanning every room you enter for snacking targets.

But if you really love a nibble with your mid-morning cuppa…


#2 Choose your snacks wisely

Instead of heading straight for the biscuits, chocolate and crisps…

Try having fruit.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

This isn’t earth-shattering advice.

But back in the day, “try fruit” was a manky old tangerine that didn’t fit it’s own skin it was so dry…

Or an apple that had more wrinkles than your granny’s lip.

But splurge, girls.

Get really nice fruit, and take the time to prep them beautifully.

Something special, you’d look forward to.

Vitamins, minerals, calories – blah blah.

You know all this.

But you can’t underestimate the power of actually wanting to eat the foods on your diet.

In fact, one client of mine lost 22lbs in just 8 weeks… and what did she say her ‘secret’ was?

“I stopped snacking!”

She then went on to lose a total of 3 stone.

Check out her transformation –



So if you’re finding that regardless of how well you eat…

Or how much you exercise…

You still can’t seem to shift the number on the scales…

Snacking may be the culprit.

If so, use these 2 little tactics and see what happens.

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