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She took a crowbar to it

Women holding a crowbar

I want you to cast your mind back to when you were in your early 20s.

The days when your biggest worry was if your shoes matched your bag,

If that fit guy would ring you,

And if the washing machine would be done soon enough for you to get your favourite top out in time for the pub opening its doors…

Actually, I had a friend who took a crowbar to her Dad’s washing machine because she couldn’t wait! True story…

Bubbles and water all over the kitchen floor, but she didn’t care because she’d retrieved her favourite top, and life was sweet 😂

To say that life was chaotic back then is like saying Love Island is a bit dull 🥱

As a rule, our lives become more organised and sorted as we age. Life is probably as mad as it ever was, but we’ve learned to cope with it a lot better.

We have routines and life hacks that work for us,

So why does losing weight and staying fit still feel like such a pipedream for so many women?!

Or is it just the case that when everything was chaos, you just didn’t notice it as much?

That it wasn’t such a “sore thumb” by comparison as it feels now…?

Wherever you find yourself, I’d say that we are in a way better position to deal with it now that we are older.

We know our own bodies and minds better and usually have the resources to sort it…

So, it seems to me that all you are missing is the right support to get the job done once and for all…

I would dearly love to help.

You’re not alone with this any more. 

Grab a call with me an lets chat.

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