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What’s your Priority?

As a coach of women predominantly over 40, I have recognized a lot of women reach a level of acceptance of their body once they reach perimenopause or menopause, citing this as the reason why they aren’t in great shape- their body fat is high but ask yourself have you let your personal health standards slip?

Many people will misplace their priorities; they place greater pride in their home, what they wear, what they drive, and so on, but they aren’t concerned enough about themselves and their personal health, well-being, and lifestyle choices.

It’s time to strip it back and get real.  Why are you not investing in the most important home you live in – YOU!

Many women underestimate themselves and set easy and mediocre goals/ due to this standard that they have placed themselves at and the sense of mediocre acceptance they have for their body image.

By no means am I implying we must invest in ourselves so that we can fit into a certain dress size or look lean and toned; I want women to aim for the ability to wake up every morning feeling good in their body, to minimise risk against disease and illnesses, doing what they can to protect their physical, mental, and social health.

I must highlight that the most important investment in your life is you and your body.

People must be committed to their goals and accept that changes won’t happen overnight; it is a prolonged period of dedication and gradual changes and small steps to improve your lifestyle, which is controllable and maintainable. The longevity within implementing these good habits will result in feelings of confidence and a sense of control within your life.

Katie Kirby a previous 1-1 client, changed her body and her life.  Her focus, and her distraction, was her work.  A legitimate distraction from improving her physical health and mental health. By Re-focusing and placing emphasis on the most important assets in her life – HER, She believed that her weight loss wasn’t only a physical release but an emotional and mental release. Within her taking accountability for her weight, she found a sense of self-acceptance and gained control back in her life again.

Take action, take action for yourself, stop making excuses and apply the effort to reach your acquired body. Accept and acknowledge your improvements along the way without sabotaging yourself; allow for your improvements to encourage you toward your end goal and allow it to show yourself that it is doable!

If you need help- reach out.  I can coach you 1-1 online to take control and regain your confidence and boost your energy levels to where they once were.

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