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Training with weights at home

I would really love to start training with weights as I’ve heard it great for shaping and toning, but I have no time to get to the gym, what are your suggestions?


Kettlebells at home! You can buy a kettlebell quite cheaply.  There are many different exercises to work the entire body and you can incorporate them into a little circuit, I have included a video to follow. Start with a lighter weight and as you get stronger increase your weights and your reps, remembering to keep good form. Complete each exercise 10-15 times, recover for 60 seconds and repeat 3 times, when finished doing one exercise move onto the next , repeating repetitions and sets. Always remember that to see optimal results you have to exercise in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet.


I am 41 and as Im getting older im finding it harder to shift the fat on my tummy. Nothing seems to work.


Firstly, its really important to know that you cannot spot reduce fat, it occurs in a whole-body fashion. You create the proper calorie deficit , and your body reduces fat stores from all over the body, with certain areas reducing faster than others. You can do all the crunches you want but you’ll never have a flat tummy until you’ve adequately reduced you overall body fat percentage. Here are some tips:

Combine some strength training and cardio into your training program.

Start tracking the actual calories you are consuming to elicit fat burning, use an online calculator like My fitness pal.

Consume your calories from whole foods, combining a lean protein, healthy fat and veggies with your meals.

Eat less calories on non training days.

Be patient and consistent.

I am considering buying a popular detox juice programme as I need to lose weight , what’s your thoughts on this?

To be honest, I don’t believe in fad diets. In my experience of helping 1000’s of people drop body fat, the only thing that works is something that you can see yourself doing forever, not short term. Eating real food should be in the long term plan. To lose weight you have to keep your body burning more energy (calories) than your feeding it. Diets can be dressed up or marketed in different ways, for instance, high protein, low carb, fat free…. the list goes on! But the common denominator is the principle of energy balance.

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