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Lent is a life lesson in how not to diet…

Each year for Lent, women from all over the country start telling me what they are giving up.

👉 “I’m not eating chocolate.”
👉 “I’m cutting out carbs.”
👉 “No more alcohol for me.”

As admirable as their effort is, even if these women last a week, two weeks, or the whole of Lent, all they learn is that they cannot live without the item they have removed.

Lent only proves one thing; how difficult it is to cut out your favourite foods and stay off them long term.

It’s impossible and, more importantly, unnecessary!

When you cut out your favourite foods, two things happen,

1.   You think about that particular food day and night!
2.   You still don’t get the results you want!

The truth is, to get into shape in the short term and maintain your progress long term, you need to eat a healthy, balanced diet that includes your favourite foods.

Of course, you may have to reduce and manage certain foods better, but that’s ok; you still get to enjoy them and see weight loss results!

So next time you want to drop body fat and think the way to do it is to cut certain foods or drinks out of your diet, use Lent as an example of why that won’t work!

Removing certain foods from your diet won’t help you achieve your goals.

Reducing the consumption of certain foods that you tend to overeat and learning how to manage your nutrition effectively will help you achieve great results in the short term and maintain them in the long term.

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