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Is Your Metabolism Broken?


I’ve heard a million times from clients, “Tara, I can’t lose weight because my metabolism is very slow, I’m so unfortunate”, Woe-is-me.


Sorry folks, there is a rude awakening about to breakthrough here:

– You aren’t broken

– Your metabolism isn’t to blame

– You are eating too many calories and not moving enough


But you can initiate fat burning again, with these steps:



1) Prioritise strength training over Cardio. Lifting weights will help maintain muscle mass while dieting, and help grow lean muscle mass on your frame which in turn can speed up metabolism.

2) Increase steps to over 10K every day (in addition to exercise and gym classes). Our step count tends to decrease when exercising because people think as they have done their training they should rest afterwards and reduce steps, but it makes a much bigger difference than you think.

3) Unless you are an elite athlete who is torching calories every day with training, then stop eating like you have the entitlement to those excess calories. Match your calories to YOUR activity level.

4) Prioritise protein as it increases your metabolic rate by just digesting it. It’s an essential macronutrient, it will keep you full and you will actually burn calories digesting it. Remember though, to burn fat you still have to be in a calorie deficit.

So, if you’ve read this and you are thinking, where the heck do I start?  Then let me help you. A couple of my programs are particularly useful in this regard.

My 6 Week Program coaches you how to lift weights in the gym or train from home, provides guidance on nutrition to eat in a calorie deficit and prioritise protein – all of which allows you to get leaner and stronger and turbocharge that metabolism. You can get it for £39!

If you are Over 40 try my Over 40 Lean & Strong Program. It helps stabilise changing female hormones, encouraging the body to boost metabolism and reignite the burning of body fat through an appropriate nutrition and exercise program.


The ultimate results can be obtained by recruiting me as your private 1-1 online nutrition and fitness coach.  Totally personalised and results focused around your goals and your time frame.  email me at [email protected]  for availability and rates.

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