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Fit goals for every stage of a woman’s life

Whether you are a teenager, starting to claw your way up the corporate ladder, starting a family or enjoying retirement, there is no bad age to start getting fit.  You are never too young and never too old.

However, your fitness regime should be different depending on your age and current stage of life.

 Teens and early 20’s – enjoy it while you can

Your body is primed for making babies, yes that’s right, whether you like it or not.  Hormones are balanced enough so that training and looking amazing is the easiest it’s ever going to be.

Metabolic rate is high, particularly in your late 20’s, that’s why it seemed easier all those years ago to keep that flat tummy whilst regularly indulging in calorific booze and fast food.  However don’t lose the run of yourself just yet!

Get your body primed by getting into the “habit” of strength training and regular cardio.  Eat whole foods more often than processed ones. Focus on a healthy body rather than a beautiful one, this means you’ll look great without even trying.

 Late 20s and 30s – be super efficient

This time of my life meant big changes for me and my body, career and long working days, pregnancies and sleepless nights with kids.

Training and nutrition were the least of my worries, I was sleep deprived and ran on sugar and coffee fumes!

I believe this is where the wheels can really fall off the wagon, so to speak. You convince yourself you’ll catch up with the training, but you never do.

The secret is to make exercise part of your life, not something you will do when the time is right. It was this particular stage of life that inspired me to help other women by creating an online plan that can be followed at home by the busy, tired, stressed-out woman.

I provide the weekly accountability and structure to fit this around your life.  Working out at home or the office with 10-15 minute Hiit workouts and making food that doesn’t take forever and cost a fortune.

When you prioritise and make the time you will make it work.  Check out my successful online fitness and fat loss plan, it’s a brilliant way to get the body you want at a more cost effective price than 1-1 PT’s. Click here for more details

 Late 40s and 50’s  – feed the muscle to burn the fat

I like to call this the “Menopot” – the pot belly that women can develop as a result of the perimenopause or menopause.

These hormonal changes can trigger an increase in fat around the belly.  Well,  lucky for you, research proves that lifting weights can prevent or slow down the increase in body fat.

The numbers of women in their 40s and 50’s who attend my lifting classes have soared, the fat loss results and increased strength speak for themselves.

I know I am now stronger in my 40’s than I ever was at any other stage of my life.  However, it’s also important to stress that cardio training and eating wholefoods in correct quantities also contribute to reducing tummy fat.

 Late 50’s and beyond – push the boundaries

Let’s get this straight! Lack of strength, poor flexibility, poor circulation, varicose veins and sagging skin aren’t necessarily symptoms of growing older but a result of less exercise as you get older.

It’s not just about vanity, though; your health will suffer dramatically if you do not make movement a priority as you get older.

Get fitter than ever before. Seriously!  Get some strength training into your workout, aside from helping you open that jar of beetroot, it will also improve your balance, reducing your risk of falling.

The biggest risk as we age is falling due to loss in strength and muscle.  When the weather permits, get on a warm coat and get yourself outside for a brisk walk, brilliant for your overall health and well being.

If you want any further advice on how to stay stronger, leaner and healthier as you get older please email me at [email protected] or visit my website

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