Jun 7, 2021

Can you booze and still lose?

Jun 7, 2021

Can you booze and still lose?

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In a word, Yes!

You can drink alcohol and still lose weight.

Is it optimal for your health? Nope.

Is it optimal for body composition, probably not.

Is it optimal for recovery and performance. Nope.

But consuming most of your calories from Haribo and fat coke aren’t either,  yet there are plenty skinny junk food addicts & alcoholics out there.

The thing is, if you are in a calorie deficit, you will lose weight whether those calories are from chicken breast or Vodka.

But, here’s the thing. Don’t take this as a cue to drink alcohol in place of nutrient dense foods.

Getting pissed on a Saturday night isn’t the full story, it’s the bottomless pit of stodgy carbs you eat the next day which is the problem. No one craves a chicken salad with a hangover.

It’s the dodgy burger on the road home when you get the munchies.

It’s the well-intentioned training session on a Sunday morning- out the window.

So I’m going to ask you to use your common sense despite sense not being all that common! If alcohol triggers you to overeat, then be careful. If you use alcohol as a stress reliever- be careful.

Myself personally, I really reduce my alcohol consumption when looking to drop a few pounds. Maybe it’s an age thing, but I can’t cope with hangovers and cravings the next day. It’s my undoing. However, I’m not everyone. Lots of my clients balance ‘moderate’ consumption with weight loss successfully and healthfully.

It’s up to you. If you struggle with mental health issues, it’s really worth reducing or eliminating alcohol out of your diet completely.

If you seek help and coaching to achieve a flexible approach to your diet and still lose weight then Contact me for personalized 1-1 online coaching. Alternatively, download my Leave Lockdown Lean program £17 and learn how to get a more balanced flexible approach to your diet whilst still having the food and drink you enjoy in moderation.

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