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The Facts About Women and Protein

The word ‘Protein’ comes from the Greek word ‘Proteus’ which means primary, and that alone should indicate the extreme importance that it has to proper nutrition.

From the hundreds of food diaries that I read every single week; I can honestly say that over 90% of women don’t eat enough protein. While the body can technically survive without dietary carbohydrates or fats for extended periods, a lack of dietary protein will lead to the loss of muscle and organ tissue – which will eventually result in death. In modern diets, most calories are chosen from highly palatable, highly calorific junk foods or slimming /diet products that just aren’t conducive for weight loss or optimal health.

I simply cannot overstate its importance.

It’s the amino acids from the protein our body needs. This is needed for our:

– Skin
– Hair
– Fingernails
– Skeletal muscle (is about 25% protein)
– Internal organs
From a weight and fat loss perspective, a lack of dietary protein can lead to overeating. But out of the 3 macronutrients, protein is the best to blunt your hunger.

– Protein helps stabilise blood sugar levels
– Protein helps you avoid energy swings
– Protein eliminates rebound hunger
– Eating protein means you burn calories just digesting it through TEF (Thermic Effect of Feeding)

When I coach my clients online for fat loss and increase their ratio of dietary protein, after a few days most of my clients report reduced appetite, increased energy, and fewer sugar cravings. As well as this, a combination of sufficient protein in the diet with proper resistance training has the added effect of improving body composition.

It won’t bulk you up.

It won’t cause kidney deterioration.

The amount of protein I advise depends on client goals i.e. whether they are being coached for fat loss, weight maintenance, or muscle growth. For better appetite control, improved recovery from training, and better fat loss results I also recommend 1g protein per lb of body weight.

If you are struggling with your appetite, constantly hungry, or craving junk food and need help with your diet, then please scroll down to read details on our 1-1 online coaching.

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