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She broke the internet!

If you haven’t seen it already.

It’s the ultimate transformation.

My website crashed yesterday because of it!

My social media inboxes have been hopping with messages and questions as to how Melanie did it. How much weight has she lost? How does she train? What does she eat?

It’s important to stress that Melanie was coached online and we actually only met in person once since she started my programs. I also feel compelled to say that this result was down to Melanie’s insane motivation, willpower and discipline. I was merely her Nutrition and Fitness Coach who guided her with Nutrition and Training Programs – she did all the hard work.

The Timeline

When Melanie reached out to me in April 2018, she was fed up, had Fibromyalgia, was walking with the help of a stick and had to leave her work due to numerous other health conditions. She was also almost 5 stone overweight. I recommended she start on the 10 Day Fat Loss Kickstart.
This simple program gave a plan and structure to her eating and allowed her to understand calorie balance and the importance of eating protein with every meal. Stabilising her appetite was key, whilst increased protein ensured she was dropping only body fat and not Lean Body Mass or muscle (she actually grew muscle eventually). She repeated this program quite a few times and this kickstarted her fat loss.

When Melanie started to lose weight and felt more energised, it was time to get her training again. I invited her to our gym to give her the initial coaching points. She hobbled into our gym and the photo below shows her learning to squat properly for the first time.


From home she followed the Over 40 Lean and Strong Program. It’s a full 12-week strength program that she could do in her own time and she careful counted her calories, not depriving herself of anything but also doing it in a controlled fashion. It’s important that fat loss clients who are obese include resistance training, which helps with tone and definition as it helps fills up the loose skin (which sometimes comes with weight loss) with lean muscle tissue. It also helps increase metabolism and overall strength.

Her diet now consists of predominantly protein – she doesn’t count carbs or fats, but does count calories to ensure her energy balance is on point. She strength trains a few times a week and her cardio consists of hill walking and getting in plenty NEAT activity (steps). She still enjoys her gin and treats, but factors them into her calories. She trains in an amazing gym with amazing coaches in her hometown of Strabane and is getting stronger every day.

Her husband Sean has also availed of this new lifestyle and has also improved his health dramatically.

It’s a lesson to us all that anything is achievable if you are willing to work for it. April 2018 – November 2020 is the time it took for Mel to go from full disability to the epitome of strength and fitness. Melanie is now edging herself back in to full time work by completing her Personal Training qualifications and helping inspire others.

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Please click below to see the live Q&A session we did together online recently!

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