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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news 😥

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Exercise alone won’t tone your arms, back, belly, or thighs.

In January of this year, I was contacted by a 52 years old lady who had just listened to one of my podcasts.

And she wasn’t happy!

She had been exercising for months, doing long, boring cardio sessions but didn’t see the tone or definition in her muscles that she had hoped for!

Then on my podcast, I told her something she didn’t want to hear…

You will only reveal muscle tone and definition when you sort out your nutrition, manage your calories, look after your protein intake, and lose excess weight!_

She quickly got in touch and admitted that she thought she needed to exercise more, do long, boring cardio sessions, and lots of spin classes, work harder in the gym, and feel the burn to achieve the toned body she had always wanted!

Luckily, after listening to my podcast, she came to me for advice, and I was able to put her on the right path.

I told her to stop focusing on the scales and more on waist circumference. Switch cardio to weights, and eat more protein at every meal.

I advised her to grab my 6/1 Diet Plan for only £29

She got straight onto the Plan, chose the high-protein meals she liked, and achieved fantastic results, dropping 7 lbs. in the first week.

She also loved that she could have a takeaway and a few gins on a Saturday during her weekly “diet break.”

The muscle is already there for most women, but body fat levels are often too high for you to see any muscle tone.

By reducing your body fat, you will see the definition and tone you haven’t seen in decades.

Since contacting me and starting the 6/1 Diet Plan, she has lost 4 inches off her waist in only 7 weeks.

My incredible eBook, The 6/1 Plan, is now available for only £29 for those who would like to drop body fat to reveal more definition in their arms, tummies, backs, and thighs.

With my 6/1 Plan, you will learn how to nail your diet and achieve a more toned and defined body.

Looking for 1-1 help instead? Why not work with me directly on my VIP Coaching Programme? Click below for all the info.

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