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Self Isolation: Binge Eating and Weight Gain.

Have you been on the lash in your own home since CV isolation? Are you worried that Quarantine has created the perfect storm for you to become a Fat Alcoholic?



Who’d have thought it, we get ‘Big Boss’ Permission to stay at home all day.   Getting to binge Watch Netflix, eat & drink in your Jammies all day.  It’s like that week between Xmas and New Year.  As a Nutritionist and PT, I could get on my high horse and say Oooh, ‘watch what you eat’, Oooh ‘be careful how much you drink’   But hey, you already know all this stuff, its common sense right?

We all know what the major priorities are right now.

Keeping Safe & Keeping Sane.

I’ve observed 2 types of responses and behaviors.  Firstly, Clients previously ambivalent towards health-seeking behaviors now prone to a touch of Reverse Psychology. Tell them No gym access & they want to train flat out, can’t get enough home workouts and prepping super healthy meals. Craving Normality.

On the other hand, Mums and Dads who’ Pre CV’ were stressed out & super busy, now taking a breath, enjoying the downtime with their kids. Precious family time watching Disney movies on a Tuesday afternoon with a glass of Malbec. Indulging in their favourite treats every day. Getting the opportunity to re-evaluate their life, and practice Gratitude.

On a more serious coaching note though,  self-isolation will exacerbate issues around binge eating, emotional eating, mindless eating, boredom eating, snacking and grazing.  Gaining weight during this period is inevitable if you engage in this behavior.

Being in the comfort of your own home and its easier to eat in secret.

Problems hiding your overeating and urges from your partner or family.

Fear, anxiety, and stress around money, work, family under one roof.

Justifying behaviors by saying ” its only a small issue compared to what going on in the world right now”. ” Everyone else is overeating at the moment”

Online funny memes validating and supporting your overeating with 1000’s of comments and engagement from other people doing the same which give your permission to continue.

The reality is that Binge eating actually exacerbates stress and overwhelm. The reality is that this is predicted to continue for another few months.  It’s important to consider what state do you want to be in on the other side.  Mentally, Physically and in our relationships with our partner and family.  During this adversity, it’s actually a perfect time to overcome and grow.

Be proactive and take massive action.  If you feel that you can’t do this alone and need support, then reach out to me.  I can coach you online to come out of this better, stronger and more resilient.

You can contact me via my Facebook or Instagram or email [email protected] or click this link to send me a direct message.





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