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Is this the source of almost all pain in this universe?

Solar eclipse image representing the universe

We all feel it. The pressure of time.

  • “I want to lose this much weight by this date.”
  • “I want to drop a few pounds for my holiday so I can go in the pool without feeling self conscious.”
  • “I want to do 3 workouts this week, but when will I fit them in?”

And I dunno if I imagined it… but for a brief period during the lockdowns of 2020, it seemed like we were allowed to put life on pause for a bit.

Things slowed down a little. Not for long. But for the first time in a long time I felt aware of that… “space”, I guess.

Recently, I’ve been sorta missing it. Not the horrors of 2020, obviously. 

But the pace of life. The space life seemed to have then. 

And the older I get, the more I want room for things like making a really nice pot of coffee on a Sunday, and reading the paper.

I want to have time to potter around. 

I want to take a book into the bath, and give myself grace to not answer the phone on a Saturday night.

Maybe it’s just me… But I don’t think so.

I’m craving a slower pace, and I wonder if perhaps you might be, too.

If you are, and you think a little bit more space to get things done could be just the ticket…

Consider not setting a deadline, when it comes to your intentions for getting in shape this year.

Deadlines can help. They work great as checkpoints along the way.

But as a final destination, they often take the joy out of the process. 

And make you feel like perhaps health and fitness is something to “complete”, not something to make part of your life long term.

What do you think…?

Are you feeling the need to drop your pace of life a little bit lately, or am I on my own…?

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