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Is it just fat that you’re losing?

I’m sure a lot of you think when you are losing weight that it’s pure fat you are losing? Think again. 

A large part of my personal gripe with slimming clubs is the lack of knowledge and education surrounding fat loss that they impart upon their members. Using the scale as the primary measurement of success is totally flawed, particularly if you participate in appropriate physical activity.



When I’m coaching my online clients, it takes a lot of mentoring and education to make them realise that scale loss is not your be-all and end-all. 

Dieting down clients and improving their fitness has to be done responsibly. There is a duty of care to preserve key organs, muscle, bone and minerals.

There are many long-held misconceptions, and poor ideas about dieting and many of them relate to a misunderstanding of the difference between body weight and body composition.

Many of you dieting tend to think just about weight loss itself, yet looking at body composition is not only far more accurate but far more important (unless you are a weight class athlete). Click the image below to watch a video about body composition and fat loss.

Say, for example, someone starts dieting and only focuses on body weight, and after a few days, the scale goes down by a few a pounds. Most would consider that a success, but I would ask the following questions. What was lost? Water, stored carbs, muscle, fat, bone, organs? Perhaps the person just had a big bowel movement. The scale can’t answer this question in any meaningful fashion.

A woman weighing heavier at 25% body fat will not only look different but is likely to be healthier than a woman weighing slightly less with 45% body fat. If someone loses fat and gains some amount of muscle, their health will improve even if their body weight per se is unchanged. Not forgetting that distribution of fat is also relevant; fat in the lower body (pear-shaped) is metabolically healthier than typical male fat patterning midsection (apple shape).

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