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It’s fair to say we all get tempted by those sneaky cravings especially in today’s modern diet which is characterised by high amounts of refined sugar and carbs. It’s often difficult to avoid them in our diets. But before we can consider curbing our cravings we need to understand where they come from and why we experience them.

The History

Long story short as human beings we are driven by the instinct of survival and this includes things like food particularly food properties such as sugar, starch and carbs. Our brains then release dopamine which essentially reinforces the eating behaviour – therefore we are more likely to repeat that behaviour in the future. Cravings are driven by sensory cues such as sight and smell and foods high in sugar, starch and carbohydrates release these sensory cues triggering our cravings. These might help explain why we crave that takeaway Chinese or pizza on a Saturday night.

The Triggers: Comfort Food

It’s no secret we tend to crave starchy foods and carbs such as pasta and bread and sugary foods such as sweets and chocolate. Tara’s six week better bodies program is designed specifically to help you curb those cravings through eating real, fibre rich organic foods. Processed foods are prevalent in our diets now more than ever and temptation is everywhere.

Reducing your Cravings the Right Way…

Avoiding those types of foods is not easy however Tara’s program provides you with a step by step guide to losing weight the healthy way and to reduce your sugar cravings realistically and effectively. The recipes are designed to fit in with busy lifestyles and are free from refined sugar. Fruit provides us with a natural source of sugar and carbohydrates and this program shows you how to choose the right carbs to eat and the right portion sizes.

A Few Simple Steps to Managing Cravings…

  1. If you’re craving sugary foods such as chocolate, try eating nuts and seeds or fruit
  2. If you’re craving carbs such as bread, try eating beans and fatty fish
  3. If you’re craving oily or fried foods, try eating cheese and green leafy veg
  4. If you’re craving salty foods such as crisps, try eating fatty fish and nuts such as cashews

Put simply stop buying unhealthy and processed foods and opt for following the recipes in the program as these promote REAL and HEALTHY meals. If unhealthy foods are not available to you in your personal surroundings you will be less likely to see them and less likely to crave them.

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