My journey as a nutrition and fitness coach is not via the common or traditional route, it has been more as a passion for sport and my own personal struggles with my weight that has lead me into this career. As a mum of four kids, I have been involved in athletics since age 8. Fitness has been part of my life now for 35 years and I come from a sporting background having my father as a huge influence and support. It wasn't until I was in my 30’s that I really battled with my weight. After giving birth four times within eight years by caesarian section, my body was badly out of shape, then my quest for slimness began. I began a strict training regime of 5-6 cardio sessions per week and decided to take part in a marathon. I began a so called “healthy” eating plan, where I seemed to be constantly hungry and couldn't stop thinking about what I was going to eat next! The end result was disastrous, I was actually getting fatter instead of slimmer, despite my full on regime. After yo-yo dieting for many years I ended up butchering my metabolism, my body and my mind. I felt depressed, inadequate and ashamed of my body because it was one area of my life I couldn't get the better of. As a result, I would end of bingeing on junk food because I wasn't adequately nourishing my body or my mind. So the saying goes, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. So eventually, I turned my back on my old unsuccessful regimes and flipped everything I thought I knew about nutrition and training, on its head, I literally went back to basics. I gave myself realistic timeframes based on bringing up a young family, set big goals, ditched the diet food and ate real food, created a plan and followed through. I fell a few times along the route but I jumped straight back up and made my way to the finish line.


What motivates me everyday is the pursuit of helping women feel amazing, confident and content in their own body. For years I have been encouraging friends and family to get involved in regular exercise. After transforming my own body, I had the experience of being able to tweak and create personalised nutrition and training plans to help my friends drop their unwanted body fat. Dropping several dress sizes, friends of friends were amazed at their results and through word of mouth were requesting my services. So the journey of Tara Grimes Fitness began. I hold a BA (Hons) degree from University of Ulster and an MSc from Queens University Belfast, however I found myself studying again for my gym and nutrition qualifications. It only takes a few days or weeks to become a qualified trainer, however I believe that my decades of sporting experience coupled with my personal ups and downs of my own fat loss journey enables me to connect on a very real level with others experiencing these challenges. Its really important to understand and empathise with women when their bodies negatively change and no longer responds to certain training stimulus the way it used to. Having that real life experience has no doubt contributed to the success stories that my business has produced. Its a privilege helping 1000’s of women make over their bodies in a fairly short space of time, get in control of food, instead of it controlling them and ultimately leading happier more contented lives.


I understand the challenges regarding time, energy and family commitments, hello… I have been there! Tailoring the program for maximum fat loss around other life variables is what makes my program so successful. Having a young family, homework to help with, school runs, after school activities, all those lifestyle issues have to be factored in. However, I do believe we all have the same hours in the day and time utilisation does count for a lot. Cooking meals that suit all family members, getting the kids involved are all part of the overall plan that contributes to success. I know what it is like trying to cook for fussy, sugar loving kids, but believe me when I say, positive changes can be felt throughout the entire family. All my recipes are kid friendly, so if I can do it so can you!


My business is based purely on the success of my clients. I am not afraid to admit that when a client buys my services I do hold them fully accountable for the goals that they make for their transformations, accountability is key. However, you do not have to travel the journey alone, holding your hand every step of the way is also important, that support and encouragement is vital.