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The dreaded hunger pangs hit and we head for the fridge, and reach for the most appetising thing we can find to snack on. But do we choose a piece of fruit or a chocolate bar? More than likely it will be the latter as we crave a quick fix and something to satisfy our hunger FAST. Snacking is almost like a habit and most of the time it may be the result of boredom and emotional eating.

Think Before you Snack

Before you make that journey to the fridge stop and think am I really hungry? Most of the time we may confuse hunger for boredom or it may be a result of emotional eating and the desire for comfort food. We all do it and it becomes a bad habit. A good way to tackle boredom and emotional eating is to be active and get plenty of exercise. This is not only good for the body and soul but good for your mind as well. While it is important to maintain a well-balanced healthy diet, this goes hand in hand with maintaining a balanced lifestyle which involves reducing stress and looking after your mind and body. If you’re tired and stressed how do you expect your body to function properly and how do you expect to be able to fully commit to eating healthy and losing weight?

Being Mindful

We also need to become aware of what we are doing. These snacks add up and add to our daily calorie intake without us even realising! Tara has 2 online programs, a 10 day Kickstart program, and a 6 week online program – both are specifically designed to help you get your eating habits back on track. She provides a nutritional plan that is varied and balanced and will help you feel fuller for longer. This will then lead to less snacking and help get your calorie intake under control. It’s quite simple really when you start feeding your body with real food and the essentials you will start to feel fuller for longer and you’ll break the bad snacking habits.

Good Snacking

Having said that not all snacking is bad and it’s okay to feel hungry between meals. If you’re hungry do not deprive yourself, but it is what you’re snacking on that is important. On both her 10 day program and 6 week program, Tara provides you with a guide on the right foods to snack on throughout the day and this includes snacks packed full of all your essential macronutrients such as foods high in healthy fats and protein and also the good carbs which come from berries.

Learning to control your urge to snack is hard but an important part of your journey to a healthier lifestyle. It all comes down to eating and snacking on the right foods, in the right amounts and at the right times. So think before you snack!

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