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My Promise to you

Clay hands shaking on a light background, signifying a promise

So, I always have a good ol’ chat with new clients…

I need to get to know them, but also, I always want to know why they didn’t reach out sooner. After all, some of them have been stalking me for years!

(Rummaging through my bins and everything 🤣)

And it often comes down to them feeling daunted…

Daunted by the prospect of having to give up “years of their lives” to achieve good health and fitness…

Swearing abstinence from wine and crisps FOREVER…(God forbid!)

And getting up at 4 a.m. to bounce around like a maniac while everyone else sleeps.

Absolutely NOT the case. 

I promise that the whole thing will need fewer compromises than you might imagine. It’s just about putting your energy into the right stuff.

And when you do…

I promise it will feel smoother, more seamless and less complicated than whatever extremes you’ve already been to in the past.

Because you are going to be armed with a toolkit of new behaviours to help you to get results – and more importantly… To maintain them long after you leave the programme.

That is my role as a coach…

The whole point of investing in professional coaching…

You’ll get world-class advice, guidance and accountability.

In short, with me in your corner, you just can’t fail…

I KNOW you might have tried and failed before…

But you never had me as your secret weapon before…💋

So ladies, let’s do it once more, but do it RIGHT…

So that you NEVER have to do this again.



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