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Have you ever considered that YOU aren’t the problem?


I hope you’re sat down reading this and giving it your full, undivided attention. 

You’re at peace, undisturbed…

Calm and confident…

Because your year is off to a flyer because you have a goal you’re excited about and a plan to achieve it that feels almost too easy…

But if I’ve caught you frazzled, while you’re half doing something else, and already thinking about the next 3 things that need your attention…

With a tiny bit of heartburn…

I want you to stop what you’re doing, lean in close, and know that I’m talking very definitely, and directly…

Right. To. YOU.

I know this time of year is full of optimism and resolutions. But if you’re like most women of a certain age, you’ve got some dieting “baggage” under your belt.

For some of us that might look like…

A failed diet (or several dozen). 

Maybe unused gym memberships, or paid-for-but-never-looked-at fitness plans.

You might even have subscribed to some podcasts for your mindset – but can’t remember the last time you had peace to listen…

→ You might want to give mine a listen, they come out weekly. Just click here and select wherever you like to get your podcasts.

I’m a big believer that we’re responsible for our own health – but I know how hard it is. 

And it’s even harder when you’re over 40, menopausal (or perimenopausal) and you’ve got next to no support. 

In fact, while you’re doing so much for others… It’s almost impossible to achieve your goals and keep them LONG TERM. 


Because you’re spending all that energy on what other people need – and energy is in short supply these days, ladies, let’s be honest.

What if there was a way to gift yourself all the support, guidance and accountability YOU NEED to not only get the result…

But KEEP it – long term?

I’m here if you need me & I’d love to explain exactly how that will work for you.

…Even if your circumstances feel impossible as you wrestle with them now.

You don’t have to struggle with it by yourself,


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