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Father of three achieves 9 stone weight loss!

This blog post is dedicated to all the dads and lads out there who think they’d like a little help with reaching their target weight or simply to improve their fitness levels. I hope you enjoy reading how Andrew O’Neill, one of our valued clients, got on with his journey.

Andrew, who is a father to three young children, first came to myself and Damien – who, incidentally, once taught PE to Andrew in school! – after losing weight himself thanks to a combination of exercise and healthy eating.

In total, Andrew lost an amazing nine stone in weight, through his work with us and the work he had already done himself.  Andrew had already lost 7 stone before joining Tara Grimes Fitness. We created a more structured weight loss programme for Andrew, he is the fittest he has ever been in his life.

Like many clients I speak to, both male and female, Andrew had been a keen runner, but found he wasn’t really losing any additional weight or gaining definition.

“Damien taught me in school, so I knew him and the work he did, and I had decided I’d like to try something different”, Andrew explains.

“I did some training myself on the side, in conjunction with what I was doing with Damien and Tara, and in a short time, I saw incredible results.

“My core muscles had improved, Tara was able to provide a portfolio of advice on what to eat and how to get the best out of my nutrition, and nothing was ever too much trouble for her or Damien.”

As someone who enjoys cooking, Andrew says he was surprised at the variety and range of nutritious foods which he and his young family could eat.

“The children would eat nearly everything that I eat”, he says.

“And the difference in my diet before compared to what I eat now, is something else. I’m actually eating twice as much now as I was before, and still losing weight, so it just shows you what can be done when you make the right choices.”

Andrew has been training with us for around six months now and, as he says himself, the results he has experienced “speak for themselves”.

“If anybody else is thinking of trying something like Tara’s plan, I would say to them, just do it.

“The programme is fully focused on men and is adjusted to suit the individual. You do what you can do and you will find your energy increasing every time you train.”

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